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Taurus Eclipse: Moving Forward with Courage & Self-Worth

The end of an era as we complete a 2 year cycle.

Cloudy sky with lunar eclipse

What transformational journey have you been on since Nov 2021? It comes to completion on Oct 28th's Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus.

Fixed signs (Leo, Taurus, Aquarius & Scorpio) will start to get some relief from the intense transformational journey they have been on since then. As this is a hybrid eclipse, with the nodes currently in Libra & Aries, those with heavy cardinal energy (Aries, Libra, Cancer & Capricorn) will also be feeling it. Regardless of whether or not you fit into the categories above, you will feel this energy wherever you have 5 degrees Scorpio/Taurus and 24 degrees Aries/Libra. Want to know how you'll be affected? Watch this video.

As difficult as it may be to comprehend with the current state of things, eclipses are actually a gift from the Universe, because they force us onto our destined path. With Pluto direct in the final degrees of Capricorn in a tense aspect to this lunation, we are being pushed to come to terms with the darkness. The only way to reach the evolved state of Pluto energy is to move through the depths and shadows and face our deepest fears. We've been on this journey over the last two years while the South Node was in Scorpio, and now we're able to integrate this wisdom and move forward, instilled with the fire & courage of the Aries North Node.

We are certainly feeling the effects of the Aries North Node full force, with conflict raging over the globe. With Mars recently in its watery domicile of Scorpio, conjunct the Sun, Mercury, as well as the south node in Libra, inequality and imbalanced power distribution is being highlighted so it can be left in the past. Highlighted by the South Node are also communication patterns that evade the depth required to create the intimacy we crave. This Full Moon is a culmination of a power reclamation that has been occurring personally & collectively since we entered Scorpio/Taurus eclipses in Nov 2021. What have you been on a journey to reclaim since then?

statue of greek goddess demeter holding grain under sunny skies
Greek Goddess Demeter

Ceres, [or the Greek goddess Demeter] is active in this lunation, meeting up with Mars & Mercury in Scorpio & forming a harmonious aspect to Venus. This crone activation asks us to confront the life, death and rebirth cycle with courage, and to face the endings of the journey we have been on. As she simultaneously opposes Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus, sudden and immense grief may emerge as a result. We live in a world largely paralyzed with fear at the thought of death. We avoid grief and loss at all costs - we stay in jobs and relationships that are unfulfilling out of a fear of the unknown. Ceres holds us through this darkness and through loss. It is through Her that we are able to release control, detaching from the outcome, and surrendering to being led by our hearts & our purpose.

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