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Upcycling + Custom Commissions

I have always felt that cut flowers deserved to be celebrated for longer than a mere week or two and in an effort to minimize waste and re-purpose their short-lived beauty, I offer a unique upcycling service for the preservation of your day-of flowers into a custom keepsake. You can now preserve and upcycle your flowers into everlasting floral art.

Flowers have an energetic quality that brings spirit and magic to any space. Custom floral design pieces are a must-have for your next event. Bring people together share your show-stopping floral art.


See a description of these services below and please feel free to reach out!

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Custom Design Commissions

Starting at $500

Custom design commissions are one of my absolute favourite things to conceptualize and create. Transforming your vision into reality, and curating an atmosphere and aesthetic with large installations and character. 


The long-lasting floral art pieces add a wow factor to any space - residential or business. With the proper [minimal] care, they will last several years. 


Each custom design commission varies, please contact me for a free consultation and quote.

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Custom Commissions
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Floral Upcycling

Starting at $180

For the aesthete individual, flowers are an important aspect of life events, and it's disheartening to see them go to waste or collect dust in a fragile bouquet.  As an add-on service to floral design, I will upcycle your bouquet or arrangement into a wall hanging keepsake (available in Good Vibes Floral Moon or Shadow Box designs - see our Shop). 


 If another florist is designing your flowers, and you are interested in this service - please contact me at least 2 weeks before your event.

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