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Hi! I'm Vanja,
Spiritual Astrologer
+ Healing Guide

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“By reconnecting to my Lunar Self through plants, planets and yoga, I learned to love all parts of me - even the parts I thought were worthless."

- Vanja, Spiritual Astrologer + Healing Guide

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Until I discovered my Lunar Self, I was lost, anxious, and lacked trust in myself.

Growing up, I was praised for my Virgo Sun energy - for being a studious high achiever, focused on climbing the next mountain. As a result, I learned to love only that part of me; seeking validation externally and living life without an internal compass. But there was another part of me that was made to feel small and worthless - the mystic that was deeply intuitive, perceptive, and passionate about nature, creativity, and healing. The part that, over the years of living in a highly masculine society that only values hard work ethic and left-brain thinking, slowly withered away, disconnecting me from My Lunar Self.  

My healing journey started when I discovered my Pisces Moon and realized that by hiding this energy, I perpetuated my Moon’s low vibrations. It led me to seek escape by detaching from my body and using substances to numb the pain of feeling unlovable. 

By reconnecting to my Lunar Self through plants, planets and yoga, I learned to love all parts of me - even the parts I thought were worthless. Astrology helped me understand that my intensity and passion (Scorpio Rising) were meant to be followed, that my mysticism and creativity were meant to be cultivated (Pisces Moon) and that my curiosity and interest in healing practices was meant to be pursued (Virgo Sun).  Together, my ‘big 3’ encompass the energetic, emotional and physical paths of holistic healing and my gifts as a healer in this lifetime.

This journey has been anything but simple and is anything but complete, but through first-hand experience, astrology and Eastern teachings solidified my belief that everything is energy.

Tracing back to my teens and 20’s, I struggled with various physical ailments and hormonal imbalances. All conventional doctors I saw declared there was nothing ‘wrong’ with me.  As a seeker of holistic health and deeper understanding, I knew they were wrong.  I may not have had a physical disease, but I suffered from an energetic one - of misalignment with my cosmic blueprint. 

When we are not living in alignment with our Lunar Selves, energy cannot flow through the earthly embodiment of our cosmic blueprint - our bodies, resulting in disease.  When we are not showing up authentically, we suppress our identity and our emotions (energy in motion), which interfere with the exchange of energy between ourselves and the cosmos.  When energy cannot flow, we cannot create the lives we desire.  

How do I know this?  Because when a powerful Reiki Healer showed me the Emotional Freedom [Tapping] Technique, pain I had been experiencing for months was almost instantaneously released as I pressed on the acupressure points.

Because as I tracked astrological cycles, I saw the repeated patterns I was being asked to heal.  And every time I tried to avoid the work by suppressing my emotions or authenticity, the stagnation caused irregularities in my cycle - reminding me of the cosmic energy residing within my body.

Because every time I dared to follow my intuition and lead from My Lunar Self - I was met with an insurmountable amount of support, peace and synchronicity.  Just like the time I decided to finally fulfill my teen dream of visiting Southern Spain, and met a Soul Connection healer that brought me back to my heart and gave me my voice.

Every time I took a leap of faith in myself, I felt more at peace, connected to my body and purpose, and found another place that nurtured my soul.

We are forever evolving and healing, so the journey doesn’t end here. But what I know for certain is that I was put on this earth to heal myself and others - it’s written in the cosmos.

What People Are Saying

"I loved having my chart read with Vanja! It gave me incredible insights into some of the repeat patterns and feelings in my life, as well as the clarity to put the information in my chart into action.


I loved the personalized self-care recommendations and the affirmations! So actionable and so fun. Thank you Vanja!"

- Katie, Happy Client

"I LOVED the in-depth approach to my reading. It was so insightful, expansive, and captivating! 

If you're looking to learn more about yourself, this is the best tool. I completely didn't realize a huge aspect of my chart that Vanja helped me with. I loved learning about the chart properties, and she was able to break things down. Vanja answered all of my many questions, and she was so kind and personable. Her calming energy made me feel comfortable to ask where I was confused and gave me more info about myself.


I will 100% be able to apply this knowledge, and I know where I need to do some work.  Thank you!!"

"This review comes from an astrology newbie and skeptic: 

Vanja walked me through my personal report and spent a lot of time on the important aspects and my way-too-many questions. I also wanted to know a fair amount about basics of astrology, and Vanja was very proficient in answering all of those questions as well. She's an extremely pleasant and understanding person, so the time we had together flew by. Also, who doesn't want to talk about themselves for an hour straight!

I recommend Vanja's readings to anyone who may want to know a little more about their place in the universe and what skills they should practice and focus on in order to live life to its fullest and "level up their soul".

BTW - the entire report was pretty much spot on and a very good description of my feelings and life situation - quite shocking and a positive surprise for an astrology skeptic!"

- Daniel, Happy Client

- Martina, Happy Client

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