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Your Lunar Self Reading

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Are you feeling out of touch with your authentic self and confused about your journey?  

Do you feel stuck and like you are not living your life in flow?  

Do you wish to understand what you need to feel safe, secure and fulfilled?  

Are you interested in learning how to practice better self care and balance your energy levels?


Do you want to understand your unique gifts, challenges and karma in this lifetime?

If you answered yes, then it’s time to dive deep into understanding your Lunar Self
and your soul’s purpose.

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Why lunar astrology?

As an astrological force, the Moon distributes cosmic energies throughout our birth charts. As she moves through the zodiac, Luna reflects the energies of the sun, stars, and planets in our every day and night. Thus, our ability to access, shape, and interact with creation energy is defined by how we relate to the Moon (our Lunar Selves). 


Our Lunar Self represents our authentic self and what we need to feel emotionally secure.  Just like the Moon in the sky, our natal Moon reflects the light of our Sun, our life purpose, and tells us how we live out that purpose in the physical realm. Unless we understand our Lunar Selves, we cannot authentically connect to our life purpose.

Our society's focus on achievement and success results in an excess of masculine and a deficiency of feminine energy in our lives. As a result, many of us disconnect from our intuition and get burnt out by going against the natural ebb and flow of our energy, which mirrors the Moon's.

Interested in reconnecting with your authentic self, understanding what may be blocking your full potential in this life, and obtaining customized self-care rituals to regain balance and co-create an aligned, fulfilling life? Book a Your Lunar Self Reading below.  

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What's Included

During this 1 on 1 virtual session, we will dive into your lunar self - your authentic self, and focus on practices you can do to help you overcome life challenges to regain balance and live your best life.

  • 1:1 Virtual Session with Vanja (60min)

  • Detailed + personalized self-care menu to balance your energy

  • Audio/Video Recording of the Session

  • Special discount for our Ritual Tools

​A Your Lunar Self reading includes:

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Having your chart read will make you feel validated and seen.


You will gain a better understanding of your subconscious patterns and understand what is holding you back from manifesting your dream life and feeling fulfilled. You will gain a deeper understanding of your shadow self to achieve profound healing and wholeness. 

You will get more deeply in touch with your authentic self, learn how to trust your intuition, as well as understand your life challenges, gifts, and soul purpose in this lifetime. In doing so, you'll learn how to cultivate creation energy to flow with the Universe and become a co-creator of your life, instead of feeling like you’re at the mercy of the Universe and everything you do is against grain.

What People Are Saying

"I loved having my chart read with Vanja! It gave me incredible insights into some of the repeat patterns and feelings in my life, as well as the clarity to put the information in my chart into action.


I loved the personalized self-care recommendations and the affirmations! So actionable and so fun. Thank you Vanja!"

- Katie, Happy Client

"I LOVED the in-depth approach to my reading. It was so insightful, expansive, and captivating! 

If you're looking to learn more about yourself, this is the best tool. I completely didn't realize a huge aspect of my chart that Vanja helped me with. I loved learning about the chart properties, and she was able to break things down. Vanja answered all of my many questions, and she was so kind and personable. Her calming energy made me feel comfortable to ask where I was confused and gave me more info about myself.


I will 100% be able to apply this knowledge, and I know where I need to do some work.  Thank you!!"

- Martina, Happy Client

"This review comes from an astrology newbie and skeptic: 

Vanja walked me through my personal report and spent a lot of time on the important aspects and my way-too-many questions. I also wanted to know a fair amount about basics of astrology, and Vanja was very proficient in answering all of those questions as well. She's an extremely pleasant and understanding person, so the time we had together flew by. Also, who doesn't want to talk about themselves for an hour straight!

I recommend Vanja's readings to anyone who may want to know a little more about their place in the universe and what skills they should practice and focus on in order to live life to its fullest and "level up their soul".

BTW - the entire report was pretty much spot on and a very good description of my feelings and life situation - quite shocking and a positive surprise for an astrology skeptic!"

- Daniel, Happy Client

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