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Give the gift of self-awareness, insight & self-care through Astrobloom's natal chart reading, Your Lunar Self.  Your will receive a digital (printable) .pdf document to give to your recipient so they can book the session at no charge.


During this 1 on 1 virtual session, we will dive into your lunar self - your authentic self and focus on practices you can use to overcome life challenges and live your best life.



  • 1:1 Virtual Session with Vanja (60min)
  • Message from the divine feminine oracle
  • Detailed self-care menu (digital file) with ritual practices to balance your energy
  • Audio/Video recording of the session
  • Special discount for our ritual tools


As a result of this session, you will:

  • Understand what you need to feel emotionally secure
  • Deepen your relationship with your authentic self
  • Understand how to balance your energy levels and practice self care specific to your unique astrology
  • Cultivate creation (feminine) energy to facilitate flow and co-creation with the Universe
  • Get a better understanding of your soul's karmic journey in this lifetime
  • Get insight into old patterns and shadow aspects of self that may not be serving your highest potential
  • Get insight into your soul's purpose in order to feel fulfilled

Gift a Reading: 1hr

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