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Full Moon in Gemini: Growth vs. Duty

Optimism & expansion on our journey into the uncharted.
two women running under full moon

At 4:15 am EST on November 27, the Sun in Sagittarius opposes the Moon in Gemini at 4 degrees of both signs. It not only brings to fruition & illumination the cycle that began on the last New Moon in Scorpio on November 13, but also the longer cycle that began on June 18. As the luminaries oppose, they draw attention to how our daily thoughts & words align to the big picture of our lives.

With the expansive energy of Sagittarius & Mars beckoning us into the unknown, while Saturn & Lilith form a tense aspect to the lunation, we may feel confronted with the struggle between leaping forward with courage and the responsibilities we currently have. Those with placements around 0-10 degrees of mutable signs (Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Gemini) will be most affected by this energy, but you'll feel it wherever you have 0-10 degrees in these signs in your chart.

As the Sun graces the realms of the centaur, it highlights our pursuit of adventure and meaning by connecting to our higher Self. Sagittarius is a freedom-loving sign, restless and playful, constantly seeking enlightenment. The centaur aims its arrow, not worrying where it will land - it just leaps forward with hope & optimism. It knows that expansion, growth and the search for meaning is not always sunshine & rainbows, but it forges on nonetheless, flowing with the bends in the road.

The small steps you take add up to the big picture

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