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Coming Soon: Astrobloom by GBD

A new year calls for new adventures, especially after 2020!

Some of you may have noticed I've been sharing more about my daily self-care rituals on social media, which include navigating current astrological energies with mindfulness and healing properties of nature's gifts. These practices are rooted in astroherbology, the art of using astrological wisdom to inform and influence medicinal and magickal* herb and wellness choices. Some months ago in 2020, I had a profoundly awakening experience as I embarked on a healing journey to reconnect with the divine feminine. It was in this moment, when I finally learned to listen to my intuition, that astroherbology found me. A kismet combination of my two favourite things: astrology + flora.

With this, I'd like to introduce the concept behind Astrobloom by GBD, an astroherbology-based collection of energetically healing art and daily ritual tools based on your lunar zodiac, coming this year. I'm so excited to share more with you soon, but for now, I'll leave you with a little background information on Astrobloom and how it can help you harness your lunar power to live your inner truth with vigour and authenticity.

Why the lunar zodiac? Let's dive a little deeper...

The effects of the moon on human behaviour and biological rhythms has been long observed and debated. However, I don't see much reason for debate: if the moon can cause the vast ocean tides to rise and fall and womxns' menstrual cycles can sync themselves to the lunar cycle, how can we say that the moon doesn't have a profound effect on us? As she ebbs and flows, so do we, and as she retreats into darkness then builds towards her fullness, so do we.

In medical astrology the moon rules our limbic (emotional) system and biological rhythms. Ironically, our brain, where our limbic system is found, is one of the regions in our bodies that contains the most water. Like the ocean, the current lunar energy can have profound effects on our emotional well-being.

In an individual's natal chart (positioning of the planets at the time of someone's birth), the moon represents our authentic selves and what we need to feel emotionally secure. While traditional horoscopes usually focus on the sun sign, which represents our consciousness and inherent vitality, the sun is actually the [often imperfect] expression of our authenticity.

Many eastern medicines, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, teach that emotions and physical health are interconnected. If our emotional health is not cared for, our physical health will suffer. Therefore, in order to live our authentic inner truth and balance our bodies, we must recognize and care for our lunar selves. Only then, can we connect to our life purpose authentically and fully.

The 1st phase Astrobloom will provide you with ritual recommendations, custom-designed dried floral art, and botanical self-care products, carefully crafted for your lunar self, based on the teachings of astroherbology. These creations will be infused with cosmic energies + earthly gifts to adorn + enhance your daily ritual practice - whether it's your meditation space, your altar, or your bath, to name a few. Whether you're looking to learn more about + nurture your authentic self, wanting to enhance, or start a daily ritual practice, Astrobloom will support your path.

I'm looking forward to sharing more in the months to come - stay tuned by following Astrobloom by GBD on Instagram.

Sending you love until next time,


PS. As for my Green Bloom Design clients and future brides, this is not the end of weddings and floral art - only an extension that enables me to share yet another passion of mine.


*magick - the science of understanding oneself and one's conditions; it is the art of applying that understanding in action to bring about change using natural forces

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