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Achieving Feminine & Masculine Balance Through Astrocartography

Conscious Creation: How living on my Sun line taught me to balance my masculine & feminine

art symbolizing the principle of duality, yin and yang, feminine and masculine with sun, moon and two snakes

The eternal dance and union of masculine & feminine energy (yang & yin, Shiva & Shakti) is the force responsible for all of creation. By stepping into the divine expression of these energies, and finding sacred union within - you become the conscious creator of your reality.

As someone who is obsessed with healing feminine energy through nurturing your Lunar Self - you’ve heard me talk countless times about my journey with the feminine. Of the need to nurture the inner Self and build trust with your intuition in order to create a strong inner foundation from which to shine your light into the world.

However, my journey healing my feminine energy never would have begun if it wasn’t initiated by a deeply wounded masculine energy that I lived in for many years. In truth, the journey to finding balance between these two is always a circular one. Not in the sense that balance can never be achieved, but that in order to live in the highest vibration of one, you must also embody the highest vibration of the other. And that balance will ebb & flow throughout life.

Although the invitation to this spiritual path would have inevitably unfolded throughout my life given my cosmic signature, I now know that it was greatly accelerated by my family’s immigration to Canada at the age of 10. With the help of astrocartography, I know that this relocation was an integral piece to not only healing this sacred union within myself, but also uncovering my soul’s purpose. Astrocartography is the astrology of a place, unique to you, based on your natal chart - I dive deep into it in this podcast episode.

What are the feminine & masculine energies?
yin yang art symbol, sun and moon, yin-yang, taoism

The feminine and masculine energies coincide with the Taoist principle of yin (feminine) & yang (masculine). The commonly named yin-yang symbol, is named the Tai Chi Tu, or Supreme Ultimate Map. As black symbolizes yin, feminine, shadow, being, and white symbolizes yang, masculine, light, doing - you can see that the two energies are depicted as equally proportional, symbolizing a harmonious balance between the two. The small dot within each side signifies that as each energy reaches its fullest expression it already carries within the seed of its opposite. And the curved line suggests a flowing dynamic between the two – they are constantly changing, literally flowing into each other and becoming each other.

All opposites are in actuality part of one whole, giving rise to one another. There is a constant, natural flow between them. One polarity cannot exist without the other - if there is no “light”, there can be no “dark”, without an “up” there is no “down”. This is the principle of duality found within everything in the Universe. In tantra, yin is symbolized by Shakti energy, and yang by Shiva. Their eternal dance results in the creation of the Universe. In Christianity, it is Jesus and Mary Magdalene...

In astrology, it is the Sun (yang) and the Moon (yin) - as primary signifiers of the father and mother archetypes.

Since you and I are created from the same substance as everything in the Universe, no matter our genders, we too, contain our inherent balance of feminine & masculine. It is through the union of these two within that we come to dance with the Universe and create our reality. This happens through the union of our inner father & mother archetypes - the inner Sun & Moon, and inner Mars & Venus (to name a few key energies).

It's important to remember that of these energies also holds a light (divine) and dark (wounded or toxic) expression as well (see images below).

You ARE Astrology & Astrology IS You
infographic of traits of divine and wounded expressions of masculine or yang energy

Astrology lives within you. It’s not just some ‘out there’ concept separate from your being. You are the Sun & Moon, Mars & Venus - and the compilation of all of the energies of the Universe the moment you were born. This is what your natal chart is. And it takes actively working with the energies in your chart to integrate the lessons of these placements and their polar natures to achieve sacred union. A union I would not be on the path to achieving in this way, had it not been for my relocation to Canada.

You might be thinking, what does geography have to do with it? A lot, actually. When an individual relocates to a place different from their location of birth, their cosmic signature evolves with this move. It has to do with the way the planets were rising and setting and therefore casting their energy (or planetary ‘lines’) on the Earth at the time of that individual’s birth. Think of it this way - as the Sun reaches the highest point in the sky in Eastern Standard Time, it’s already begun to set in many European countries.

Astrocartography allows for a different & [sometimes] more powerful integration of these energies
inforgraphic of traits of divine and wounded expressions of feminine energy

By relocating, my natal cosmic signature took on a new energetic expression that would not have been possible in the Balkans. Although I’ve spent a large portion of my life yearning for a reason to go back to the Adriatic (and Europe in general) - with the teachings of Astrocartography, I finally understand why it has been necessary for me to be here.

Don’t get me wrong - I have always been grateful for Canada - its land, its people, its generosity, and the opportunity and safe haven it provided to me and my family. My parents brought me and my sister here for a better life - for the North American dream. And while I recognize deeply the opportunities I’ve received here that I never could have in the Balkans, I’ve always yearned for the history, culture, the Adriatic and European lifestyle.

As someone who has a prominent natal Mars & Sun conjunction (meeting in Virgo) near my midheaven in the 10th house - my work and contribution to society is deeply important to me. It’s inherently necessary for me to follow my passions when shining my light into the world. However, through my soul contract and the experiences my upbringing and life has taught me - I grew up in a very wounded masculine energy, completely detached from the feminine. Creativity was only encouraged as a hobby, intuition was not honoured, emotions not processed properly or talked about - and survival mode ran rampant. The only things that mattered were a secure job and productivity or achievements.

When the planets live in the 10th house/near the midheaven, their archetypes or energies are experienced out in the world - through the individual’s career, their father figures, and the energies they meet out in the world. However, by relocating to Canada, my natal chart evolved with me - bringing the energy of the Sun & Mars (both symbolizing the divine masculine) into my first house of self, identity and personality. Planets in the 1st house become part of the individual’s identity. Their archetypes, both light and shadow expressions, must be experienced and integrated. An individual with their Sun in the first house must master themselves and shine this light into the world. They must learn how to take up space & be in the spotlight. While Mars in the first house requires assertion and action. This individual must be led by passion & willpower.

The ever-evolving journey to feminine & masculine balance

As someone who was molded with such toxic masculine energy through their life experience (as many of us are in our patriarchal world), it was necessary for me to learn this energy intimately by relocating to Canada. I needed to know the full expression of the masculine - from the light to the dark. Because, without the burn out that led from relocating to a more personal Mars & Sun line in astrocartography, I wouldn’t have found the masculine seed that led me to my divine feminine healing and to this sacred work through Astrobloom. Simultaneously, without fully tapping into my feminine by consciously working with my natal Moon sign energy, and traveling to my Venus line (an astrocartography journey story for another time), I wouldn’t have found the feminine seed necessary to embody the divine masculine.

For now, it feels my journey has come full circle - as I am invited to step into an even more embodied and divine masculine energy on my [recently] new self-employment journey. To follow my intuition and take aligned action courageously. To heal the wounded masculine within, and as a result, in my relationships with others. To create the masculine container for the feminine creative energy within.

Do you have a pronounced purpose to balance polarity?

But, particularly as a full moon baby (Virgo Sun and Pisces Moon), I know this life will be a constant journey to finding this balance - over and over again. But without this eternal Shiva/Shakti dance, there would be no life. So, I’m here for the ride. If you’re someone who was born on a full moon, has tense Moon/Sun or Venus/Mars aspects, has prominent 4th/10th house or 1st/7th house placements [to name a few] - this might also be you.

If this is the case, you can use astrocartography to travel or relocate to to various expressions of these planetary energies to help you on your journey to sacred union within. But this practice is not limited to feminine & masculine balance. Nor is it the only way to work with your cosmic signature, but astrocartography adds another depth that can be incredibly powerful.

If you are curious to understand these concepts deeper in your own cosmic signature, would like to learn how to balance the feminine & masculine within, or would like to understand how your geography impacts your spiritual development and life path - book a discovery call or reading!

Please note: Soul Map Astrocartography Readings are only offered on a very limited basis until 31/08/2023:

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