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Unprocessed emotions could be at the root of your burnout

And how your unique astrology plays a role.

Everything in the Universe is energy, and true wellness begins at the energetic level. As traditional healers have known for thousands of years--and as modern medicine is affirming today--we have a subtle energy field that is as important to our well-being as our physical body is. This system of energy is the template from which the physical body grows and it guides the body's function. How do I know this? Because I've experienced the detrimental impact of energy blockages and the power of energy healing on a personal level. For years, I battled with random physical symptoms that made me think I was physically ill. Modern medicine blamed it on my anxiety - and they weren't wrong.... However, what no one was able to explain [at the level my Scorpio rising detective wanted to understand] was why this was causing physical symptoms in my body. This didn't become clear until I encountered energy healing and understood the subtle body.

Emotions are the experience of energy moving through the body. This is generally felt as sensations of contraction (tension) or expansion (calm). The Latin derivative for the word emotion, ‘emotere’, literally means energy in motion. By itself, emotional energy is neutral, but the feeling sensation and physiological reaction to it is what makes a specific emotion positive or negative. It is an individual's interpretations or thoughts about emotional energy that give it meaning.

"Emotions are energy in motion."

As humans, we are emotional creatures, born to express emotions freely and openly. Somewhere along the way, however, many of us learned to repress emotions, especially those deemed “negative,” in order to fit in and be loved and accepted.

In addition, most of us didn't grow up being taught how to deal with and process emotions, so we create ways of avoiding them - busying ourselves or escaping into other worlds through books or movies. We deny uncomfortable emotions in an effort of self-preservation, as a self-defense mechanism.

The unresolved emotions get trapped in our body where they interfere with the flow of energy in our energy system - draining us, and leading to burnout, emotional imbalance, and eventually physical disease. So, in order to experience a restored energy flow - we have to face and process our emotions.

In astrology, our natal Moon sign tells us how we experience emotion, what our emotional needs are and represents our inner authentic self. Through its energy, determined by its position and interactions with other celestial bodies in our natal chart, it tells us how we can nurture ourselves to create balance in our lives and connect to our life purpose (our Sun sign). Energetically, the Moon represents divine feminine (yin)/creative energy, so it is also related to our ability to manifest and co-create with the Universe. By working with the Moon’s phases and her energy within our own birth charts, we can work with creation energy to create shifts on the physical plane.

What's amazing about astrology is that it is a psycho-spiritual tool - an individual's chart gives us a summary of the energy that makes up their mind, body and soul. The complete picture - their life purpose, karma, gifts, challenges and soul journey - can only be fully understood through a complete chart reading, but the Sun, Moon and Rising (or Ascendant) sign are the big three that can be used as a starting point to understand an individual.

"Astrology is a psycho-spiritual tool - an individual's chart gives us a summary of the energy that makes up their mind, body & soul"."

With the Moon's rulership over an individual's emotional experience, it is an essential starting point to healing the mind, body and soul on an energetic level. By understanding ourselves through our Moon sign, we can integrate mindfulness and self-care in our daily lives to balance our energy and get in-flow with the Universe. With this knowledge, we can use mindfulness to tune into what we are feeling, connect to our Moon energy to learn how to move the emotional energy, and practice self-care to reset. As a results, we regain balance and reconnect to our authentic, highest selves.

If you're interested in learning more about your Moon sign and how to practice self care based on astrology - check out our digital Lunar Self Care Menu + Guide. If you'd like to get the complete, customized version, book a Your Lunar Self Reading to get a comprehensive reading.

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