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DIY: Spring Clean Ritual Moon Oil

Make a simple ritual oil to work with the detoxing & releasing energy of the tail end of Taurus & Eclipse season. Stimulate the lymphatic system, clear breakouts & stagnant energy.

This Taurus season may not have felt as grounded as it usually does, as it also housed a potent eclipse portal, activating the Taurus/Scorpio axis - asking us to reclaim our power and move through fated endings in order to live in alignment with our heart.

Eclipse portals are short but potent funnels of fated energy that we experience on a collective and individual level.  They happen during a lunar cycle (28 days) but have long-lasting effects, that take up to 6 months to fully unpack. The internal transformations we experienced during the last month will not fully manifest in the physical until October of 2023 when the next and final eclipse occurs on this axis.

These events were often feared due to the unpredictability of their energy.  However, they’re actually a gift from the Universe.  During an eclipse portal, you can be sure that whatever happens is actually for your highest good.  No matter how big or small the shift, or how life-altering the event, trust that the Universe has your back.  It’s helping you step into your most heart-centered, empowered self.  So, instead of feeling victimized by the energy or blaming your perceived problems on it - it’s actually a time to listen, observe, and surrender to cosmic flow.

During Taurus season, we can sometimes get bogged down in the shadow expression of this archetype. Although strong, sturdy, steadfast and reliable, Taurus energy can also be quite stagnant, unable to face change. And this stagnation, like everything else, often comes from the energetic level.

If we're unable to facilitate necessary change in our lives, we're also more likely to become physically stagnant. Not to mention - with Taurus ruling over food, beauty, luxury and all the physical pleasures of life, we might easily overindulge this season, especially as we have been faced with some of our darkest shadows over the last month.

This can all result in a need for movement - energetic and physical movement. After all, how good does a thorough spring cleaning feel in your space? Why wouldn't you do the same for your energy & physical form?

That's exactly what this oil is for. By creating under the waning phase of the moon, we invite in the healing properties it brings - the ability to release & let go. Combine that with lymphatic stimulants, nervines, blood moving and detoxifying plants - and you've got a powerful spring clean ritual oil!

Spring Clean Ritual Moon Oil


Here's what you'll need to make this oil. Please note, dried herbs should be used in oil infusions to keep them from spoiling.

  • 3 clean 1/2 pint mason jars

  • 1 clean funnel

  • 5-6 coffee filters

  • cheese cloth

  • 1/2 cup dried violets (Viola odorata)*

  • 1/4 cup dried mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)*

  • 1/8 cup dried, roasted dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale)*

  • Carrier oil (I like sweet almond oil, but jojoba oil works well for those with nut allergies)

  • 1 oz dropper bottle or small clean container to store oil

  • cinnamon stick (optional for stirring)

  • vitamin E oil (optional preservative)

* These herbs can be commonly found growing in most regions of the world, or purchased at your local herb supplier. When foraging, please remember to forage responsibly and dry the herbs before making the oil.

A great substitute to sourcing your own herbs would be Astrobloom's Lunar Taurus Tea or Libra Tea.

Ruled by Venus and associated with Taurus energy, violet's medicine is most welcome to give courage and strength to heal our wounds, and face the realignments of eclipse season.

With a reputation for soothing the emotions, violets are able to help us process the grief that often comes with eclipse season by addressing the heart and nervous system on an energetic level, and lifting and soothing hearts and spirits.

Violet is also a powerful ally when used topically or internally to clear up skin issues such as eczema, acne, impetigo, psoriasis, and cradle cap. Its ability to soothe inflammation, stimulate the lymphatic system and therefore regulate the immune response is key in helping achieve these outcomes.

Among many of its uses, Mugwort, is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve circulation and increase blood and lymph flow to areas of the body, reducing pain and inflammation. It is ruled by the Moon & Venus and Associated with the energy of Taurus. It helps us move through the stagnation of Taurus energy and through the underworld of the recent Scorpio Eclipse with clarity and psychic insight, connected to our intuition.

Dandelion is a sorely misunderstood and hated plant which is actually powerhouse of healing, ruled by Jupiter and associated with Sagittarius energy. In a society inundated with so many chemicals every day of our lives, dandelion - with its liver cleansing and protective properties, should be a staple in our lives. One of the reasons I chose to include it in this oil is due to its powerful antibacterial and detoxifying properties.


  1. Set an intention for what you would like help releasing. Is there a certain stuckness in an area of your life that you would like to unblock?

  2. Place clean mason jar in 1-2 inches of water in a pot on the stove. Turn heat to medium low. Be careful not to get any water in the jar.

  3. Add herbs into jar.

  4. Cover herbs with carrier oil

  5. Stir with clean utensil or cinnamon stick, reciting your intention in your mind or outloud

  6. Let infuse for 1hr

  7. Remove from water bath, close the jar, and leave under the moonlight overnight.

  8. Take 2nd clean jar, and place funnel with cheesecloth inside it. Wash and dry funnel.

  9. Take herb/oil infusion and pour through cheesecloth/funnel, squeezing out all the oil with clean hands.

  10. Take 3rd clean jar, place funnel with coffee filter inside it.

  11. Pour filtered oil through the coffee filter. This step can take a while - so leave the oil to filter, and repeat this step if there are a lot of herb particles remaining.

  12. Once done filtering, add a drop of vitamin E oil (optional preservative), mix well, and pour oil into clean dropper bottle.

  13. Enjoy as part of your ritual.

The roasted dandelion root and slight cinnamon infusion makes this oil smell like chocolate!

I love using mine with facial cups for extra lymphatic drainage, but you can use it everywhere - mix it into your moisturizer, etc - or even make it with a food safe oil and consume it.

Hope you enjoy!

xo, Vanja

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