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New Moon in Pisces: Escape + Fantasy

Early this morning, the Moon joined Venus, Neptune, and the Sun in Pisces.

Happening in the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces, this lunation signals the end and the beginning, bringing closure and dissolution. At the same time, the Moon in Pisces is a time of emotional sensitivity and imagination, when our hold on reality is less fixed and certain, which may allow us to perceive the many other realities that exist around us. We may have the sensation that our dreams merge with reality, having a hard time distinguishing between the two. With this in mind, we may feel confused and disillusioned, feeling that we aren’t making progress or are unsure of what life wants from us. It may be tempting to fall into patterns of escapism and addiction.

When the Moon is in Pisces, we are able to swim between the realm of spirit and matter, as well as between the worlds of past, present, and future with greater ease. Small rituals or solitary rituals involving divination are auspicious under a Pisces Moon as it is a time of enormous psychic energy.

With Venus and Neptune conjunct the Moon, our relationships may be a large focus during this lunar cycle. We may idealize people in our lives, forgetting to love them in their humanness and projecting our own fantasies, desires and hopes onto them.

In general, we may lose our connection with the ground and experience envy as we fantasize of an alternate reality – so it is important to do things that help you stay grounded. Earthing (making contact with the Earth and using her energy to ground yours), meditating, being in nature, and implementing earthy herbs (rosemary, thyme) and vegetables (roots) into your diet or spells at this time will help you come back down to reality. If you are enjoying your loss of connection to reality – try channeling your imagination into creative pursuits and promote lucid dreaming with the help of herbs like mugwort.

28th Mansion: Attainment & Completion

Occurring in the 28th Mansion, this final Mansion of the Moon is the end of the cycle and the beginning of the next, as the Moon completes a full circuit of the Mansions. The 28th Mansion is a place of attainment and completion. Within this Mansion we have an opportunity to harvest what we have worked so hard for, attaining our desires. The influence of Pluto helps us to release any attachment to previous expectations and to be present to what we have in our present. After the harvest at the beginning of the 28th Mansion comes a time to rest, sleep deep, and dream more.

For those who seek the healing sleep of the 28th Mansion so they can travel far and wide in the dreamy sea of Pisces, California Poppy helps us restore our sleep cycle and psychic abilities. Mixed with other dreaming herbs like Mugwort, California Poppy can become a potent dreaming elixir as well as a sleep aid.

Journaling prompts for this lunation:

The prompts below are designed to help you harvest what benefits you, release what no longer serves you, and illuminate you to set intentions for this lunar cycle.

  • What am I prepared to harvest?

  • What is ending? What is just beginning?

  • What am I projecting on people in my life that is really a need/desire I have for myself?

  • What/who am I envious of? What is stopping me from obtaining the object of my envy?

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