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New Moon in Aquarius: Reinventing Relationships

A time for beauty + devotion to sacred work and love

The Moon joins the Sun, Mercury (in retrograde), Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn in innovative, community-oriented Aquarius on Thursday, February 11th, at 2:07pm EST.

New moons normally signal a time for new beginnings, and this new Moon is great for setting intentions to reinvent the way we experience beauty, abundance, relationships, and all things Venus + Jupiter.

With all major planets now on one side of the sky, there is also a great concentration of focus at this time. It’s time to investigate and explore new ideas and trends in true Aquarian nature by focusing on a special project. However, a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius occurring at the exact time of this new Moon, also wants us to go big on pleasure. So, make sure to indulge in whatever spikes your dopamine levels while dreaming up new ideas and intentions!

Intuitive downloads about our karmic destiny

The North Node and South Node (of the Moon) are points that are directly opposite each other, and represent points of personal karmic imbalance. The North Node represents the kinds of experiences that we must work to develop in order to work with our karma and to grow spiritually. The South Node represents those experiences and qualities that come naturally to us, that are over-developed, and that we tend to fall back on.

At the time of this new Moon, some of us (born May 23 '89 - Nov 18, '90 and May 29, '52 - Oct 9, '53) will feel a heightened sense of intuition about our karmic journey as the Moon conjuncts our Aquarian North Node. If this is you, you are likely to receive glimpses of your future self in a future life which is different from the life you are currently living. Your intuition is showing you the path you are on, and although you may not be comfortable with embracing it now, you should follow your instincts to establish the groundwork for this karmic journey now. Even if you are not an Aquarian North Node, keep a journal of intuitive downloads over the next few days. With Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, many of us may receive sudden inspiration from the collective consciousness.

26th Mansion of the Moon - Beauty + Devotion

While the Moon is changing phases, it also travels through one of 28 Mansions of the Moon throughout the month. The boundaries of the Mansions of the Moon are marked at various places at the beginning, middle, and end of constellation, making twelve areas of space (Mansions) that the Moon travels through each month. They are one of the most ancient forms of astrology and are traditionally used to determine the best time to make certain herbal remedies, charms, rituals, and spells.

This new moon occurs in the 26th Mansion of love, goodwill, spiritual relationships, preparation, and devotional work. It is an auspicious time for love and relationships of a romantic and spiritual nature, creating love and romance charms, and exploring a devotional practice to raise our self-love and fine-tune our awareness of unbalanced patterns, so that we can release them.

Altar suggestions

Moon altars are sacred spaces that you create to honor and harness the different energies of the lunar cycle. Like all altars, a moon altar is a place where you can focus and direct energy through your magick + intention. Below are suggestions for altar components and questions to ponder during this new Moon, whether you create an altar and do a ritual or simply journal (check out our Leo Full Moon post for ritual steps).

  • Colour: greys, greens, blue, lavender, pictures or bowls of water, waterfalls, star objects, silver

  • Crystals: sugilite, lapis lazuli, amber, aquamarine, and amethyst;

  • Herbs/flowers (or pictures/drawings of): jasmine, myrrh, vervain, witch hazel;

  • Offerings: fluffy foods (marshmallows, popped quinoa, creams, fresh fruit, tarts, white flowers)

  • Representation of 4 elements: candle (fire), incense or smudging stick (air), sand, soil or salt (earth), water*.

*To add more magick to your ritual, consider adding a tsp of one of the following herbs to your water:

  • myrrh: intentions related to opening up emotionally + being vulnerable

  • jasmine: intentions related to diplomacy and resolution in relationships

  • witch hazel: intentions related to self-confidence and authentic connection

  • vervain: intentions related to self-love

Questions to meditate (or journal on)

  • What must I reinvent about the way I am in relationships (romantic, spiritual, or with myself)?

  • What are ways in which I can devote myself to sacred work that serves a greater purpose?

  • How can I practice more self-love?

  • How can I be more vulnerable emotionally with those close to me?

  • What do I need to implement to connect more authentically + confidently with others?

  • What is my intuition telling me about my future self?

Sending love + good vibes,



Local places for altar supplies:

The Truth Beauty Company, Waterloo - palo santo, candles

New Age Health Food Store, Guelph - Smudging tools, beeswax candles, Bach Flower Essences, bulk herbs

Goodness Me, Guelph - Bach Flower Essences, bulk herbs

The 9th Vibration, Guelph - crystals, smudging tools


Harmonic Arts - bulk herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs - bulk herbs

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