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Guide to harnessing lunar energy

What are moon circles and why are they more needed than ever?

Despite what you may have learned, you are not separate from the cosmos.

You are the embodiment of cosmic energy present at your birth, born whole and worthy of all your desires. Astrology lives within your mind, body and soul, encoded by your birth chart, which provides a blueprint for your life purpose. When you step into this authentic path and purpose, you serve not only your Highest Self, but the Universe as a whole.

However, life on earth brings us challenges to make us grow and evolve. We live in a patriarchal world that has discouraged connection to ourselves, our femininity, ancient practices and rituals, and Mother Nature. So, from the moment we were born, we began forgetting and burying our authentic selves in order to conform to societal or familial expectations to gain love and acceptance. As a result, many of us live in a hyper-masculine energy, people-pleasing and living life for others, seeking the validation we desire outside of ourselves.

Astrology provides the awareness to peel back the layers and reconnect with our authentic selves, under the layers of conditioning and external expectations. It helps us find wholeness and healing within ourselves.

So, what’s with the Moon?

In astrology, the Moon represents feminine energy. By working with her energy, we work with creation energy to facilitate shifts in our lives and manifest on the physical plane.

By cultivating feminine energy through connection to the Moon in the sky, in our birth charts, and to feminine energy in others, we can learn to listen to our intuition, understand how to nurture ourselves, as well as co-create with the Universe. As a result, we obtain more peace, flow, energy and trust in ourselves and the Universe’s divine timing.

When it comes to co-creating with the Universe (manifesting), it is our subconscious beliefs which are responsible for our life experiences. By changing our subconscious mind, we can change our reality on the physical plane. In order to do this, we must first become conscious of and reprogram the subconscious thinking patterns that are limiting our potential in life. To gain access to these patterns, we must work on a subconscious level through meditation or ritual.

Womxn and the Moon

Womxn are inextricably linked to the moon. She has a 29 day cycle, which mirrors our menstrual and energy cycle. Her energy waxes from the new to the full moon, and wanes from the full to the new moon, just as we ebb and flow through our cycles.

Although every living thing has a spectrum of feminine and masculine energy within us, men are energetically and biologically ruled by the Sun, and womxn by the Moon. We live on different biological rhythms that coincide with these two luminaries.

Working with the Moon is a wonderful way to honour and celebrate your own sacred cycle as a womxn, and tune into cosmic cycles that live within each of us. It’s a way to create space, rhythm, and harmony in your days, weeks, and months; A way to return to Self, live in communion with nature, and lead life with intention to be your most authentic self and unlock your full potential. However, this is not to say that moon circles need to be gender exclusive - everyone deserves to heal their feminine energy, as it is what will heal the world.

What is a moon circle?

A moon circle is a sacred gathering of [traditionally] womxn, who come together to honour and celebrate the Moon and divine feminine energy. This can be done at any of the Moon’s phases, but generally takes place on the new or full Moon, depending on the energy sought for a particular ritual. Circles are used to call in the divine feminine energy, and as a way of grounding, centering, and receiving higher wisdom.

A moon circle is a safe space, where participants can enjoy being in sacred sisterhood, feel supported and witnessed. Everything that happens in a circle remains privately in the circle, which allows everyone to truly open up, share, and be authentic.

If you’re new to moon circles, you can think of them like a yoga class or therapy group, but for your soul; infused with play, transformation, and magic.

Different phases of the moon offer different energy to work with.

While it is possible to work with the Moon every day of its cycle, most choose to work with the four (or eight) phases of the Moon. We'll focus on four here for simplicity:

New Moon: Time for shadow work - to access our subconscious minds, do a final release and prepare for the next cycle. Upon releasing, we can set intentions for the cycle and plant seeds.

Ritual: Surrender with a yin flow and meditate to access the subconscious and clarify what needs releasing to clear space.

Follow by setting an intention with an Astrobloom Ritual Candle.

First Quarter: The Moon's energy grows and it's time to commit and take action. Work on your motivation, overcome procrastination and self-sabotaging behaviors, and forgive yourself for falling back into old patterns.

Ritual: Read over your journal entry from the New Moon and reconnect to your vision. Usa the Aries Lunar Tea to connect to your willpower.

Work with your Solar Plexus through core-focused yoga or fiery breathwork such as kapalbhati.

Full Moon: The Full Moon is a time to celebrate and reap the benefits of what you set in motion during the New Moon. No matter how small your win, be grateful for what you have accomplished.

Ritual: Take a full moon bath with the Astrobloom Lunar Tea - either for your natal Moon sign or the sign that the Full Moon occurs in. Reflect on 3 things you are grateful you accomplished over the last 2 weeks.

Do an active yoga flow, such as vinyasa, or have an orgasm.

Third Quarter: This is a time to make space to receive prior to starting a new cycle with the New Moon. It is an opportunity to find balance, wind down energy, and forgive yourself for anything you may not have accomplished this cycle.

Ritual: Cleanse yourself & your space with an Astrobloom Cleansing Wand - either for your natal Moon sign or the sign the Moon is in that day. Write down 3 things you are releasing and burn them.

Every New Moon, the Astrobloom community meets to access our subconscious minds, to cleanse, release and prepare for the next cycle.

At Astrobloom, we are all about shadow work - understanding our subconscious minds and peeling back the layers of the conditioning we received so that we can unbecome our way to our most authentic self.

On every New Moon, I facilitate a sacred gathering aimed at reconnecting to ourselves, each other, and the cosmic cycles that reside within and without all of us. This sacred gathering provides a retreat into our inner, emotional landscape and reconnection to our intuition. It offers a monthly check in and chance to release energy that is not serving us, as well as set intentions for aligned action and growth.

Through the sacred teachings of astro-herbalism, astrology, and practices of meditation, creativity and yoga, Astrobloom circles provide an opportunity to come home to Self and heal on an energetic level. Participants leave with feelings of connection to self and nature, feelings of belonging and sisterhood, as well as deep inner wisdom and guidance.

Learn more about our Moon Circles here - the next one takes place at the Truth Beauty Company in Waterloo on Sept. 22nd and is available for virtual replay.

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