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Full 'Wolf' Moon in Leo: Release + Shine Ritual

ceramic cat, dish, floral bouquet, citrine, floral and citrus offerings for full moon ritual

The full moon in Leo occurs Thursday, January 28th, at 2:16pm EST. The first full moon of the year is full of fiery energy which asks us to be courageous in our creative self-expression. In true nature of the lion, it reminds us what we need to release in order to share our gifts generously and authentically with others.

While this full moon has some challenging aspects, an auspicious one is the alignment of the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius, which directly oppose the moon hours after it reaches its fullness. This union blends the Sun and Jupiter's powers, adding optimism to our self-expression, so that we may release any limitations to our authenticity as we enter a new Astrological age.

The more challenging energies to deal with are an opposition between Saturn and the Moon, which instills guilt and feelings of isolation in our emotional landscape; and an unsettled urgency to take action in expressing our emotions due to the square between Mars and Uranus and the Moon. Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn also usher in a new cycle in our relationships (this includes relationship with ourselves) and financial matters.

Below you'll find ritual, altar, and herbs to help you harvest the energy of the cosmos and let go of what no longer serves you in pursuit of your authentic self-expression. But first, for those asking why you might want to do a moon ritual:

Why do a full moon ritual?

cirtrine crystal, flowers, ceramics, earth, and palo santo for full moon altar

The full moon is a peak of the lunar cycle, and is a time of harvest or to reap what you have sown (or intentions you placed on the New Moon in Capricorn on Jan 13th), as well as let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Magickally, connecting with lunar energy is an opportunity to cultivate our intuition and heal our emotional imbalances. Since emotional imbalance is the root of all disease, if we want to pursue a holistic path towards health, we must consider all three aspects: the mind, body and spirit.

If you'd like to learn more about living by the moon, and how you can practice self care based on your astrology, follow Astrobloom by Green Bloom Design on Instagram, and sign up for our newsletter.

Leo Full Moon Release Ritual + Altar

gold vessel with water and valerian root, honey with calendula as offering, gold, and papers and pencil

Supplies: pen, strips of paper, candle(s), matches, jar or bowl with water*, fire-resistant cup, cleansing tool (sage, palo santo). (I've included a list of some of my favourite local suppliers below)


  • Colour: orange, gold, yellow, or red cloth; pictures of cats or lions;

  • Crystals: citrine, yellow calcite, peridot, amber, gold, garnite;

  • Herbs/flowers (or pictures of): sunflower, marigolds, valerian, mullein, hyssop;

  • Food: yellow foods - citrus, honey, barley.

  • Representation of 4 elements: candle (fire), incense or smudging stick (air), sand, soil or clay (earth), water*.

*To add more magick to your ritual, consider adding a tsp of one of the following herbs to your water:

  • valerian: letting go of anxiety and fear (especially rooted in negative self-talk)

  • mullein: letting go of need for external validation or approval

  • hyssop: letting go of past mistakes and moving on with courage + energy


gold and yellow full moon altar with beeswax candle in antique brass, honey and calendula for offering, a bouquet of flowers, and the 4 elements

(note: you can work with the full moon energy until Feb 1, but its peak is Jan 28)

1) Create a Sacred Space - Cleanse the space (preferably somewhere in the moonlight) and place the supplies (+ altar if making) in front of you. If you are making an altar, arrange the cleansed items on top of the cloth, with the candle in the middle.

2) Clear your energy - Light a candle and burn your cleansing tool to clear low or negative energy. Close your eyes imagine the moonlight (moon's energy) washing the low/negative energy away.

3) Become present + ground - Sit comfortably on the floor and touch or hover your palms parallel to it. For a count of 30 breaths, imagine the earth's core sending positive energy through your bottom + hands, which flows through your body and out the top of your head. There, the earth's energy marries the moon's and circles back down the the core, repeating the cycle again.

4) Set your intention - Write on the pieces of paper what you intend to release from your life. What do you need to release in order to be courageous and authentic to your truth? What must you let go of in order to open your heart to give and receive love? What is standing in the way of you harvesting the fruit of your labour since this moon cycle started on Jan 13?

5) Release - Breathe deep into your heart and ask: “Universe, please help me release ________." Hold the piece of paper to the candle and once lit, place it in the fire resistant cup. Do this for all the papers.

6) Let the moon do its magic - Once you are done burning all the papers, place the ashes into your herb-infused water, and ask: "Goddess of the night sky, please lend me your energy to release ______. Thank you. So may it be."

You can also choose to write the moon a letter or poem, seeking its help. Leave the jar with the ashes (+ optional herbs, poem, and crystals) to bathe in the light of the full moon overnight.

7) Feel the change - Sit in silence and gratitude for a moment and forgive the situation or person (even if it's yourself) to release what no longer serves you. The next day, carry your moonlight infused jar outside and pour it on the earth, completing the ritual. Thank the universe for supporting you in evolving into your highest self.

Full moon offerings including gold, honey with calendula, citrus, flowers, and palo santo
ashes poured into gold vessel on full moon altar


Local places for altar supplies:

The Truth Beauty Company, Waterloo - palo santo, candles

New Age Health Food Store, Guelph - Smudging tools, beeswax candles, Bach Flower Essences, bulk herbs

Goodness Me, Guelph - Bach Flower Essences, bulk herbs

The 9th Vibration, Guelph - crystals, smudging tools


Harmonic Arts - bulk herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs - bulk herbs


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