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New Moon in Scorpio: Radical Breakthroughs & Courageous New Beginnings

Having the willpower & strength to follow your divine path.

Woman in all black surrenders to wind

At 4:26 am EST on Nov 13, the Sun & Moon align at 20 degrees Scorpio. This energy packs a steamy punch as it lines up with Mars and Ceres, and opposes Uranus in Taurus, causing sudden and unpredictable events & breakthroughs. At the same time, a harmonious aspect to Neptune allows us to lean into trust & surrender on our divine path.

This New Moon not only asks us to integrate the learnings of eclipse season & the last two years while the nodes were in Taurus & Scorpio, but to take these lessons and move forward with intention & courage. These lessons have to do with our values, power, resources, intimacy, and how we share those with others.

Since we won’t experience eclipses with the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio again until 2040, the intentions you set now can have powerful and lasting impacts in the long-run. The things you decide to release in order to make space for a new beginning, will also be significant.

This lunation is also an annual occurrence traditionally known as Lunar Samhain. A time where we meet the depths of our emotions, allowing ourselves to be witness to emotions we might otherwise be afraid of or avoid. Mars gives us the courage to face them as it moves through the expansive subterranean realm of Scorpio and approaches its once-in-a-two-year conjunction with the Sun.

Mars inspires action.

Mars represents our courage, passion and desire and is connected to our solar plexus chakra, which allows us to manifest our reality from a place of self-worth & confidence. In its high vibration, it gives us the courage to embrace our inner warrior and boldly go after what we desire. In its low vibration, it is agitating, angry, combative and seeks power or domination.

As a strongly masculine energy, one thing Mars doesn’t do well is sit still - this energy requires action. As Uranus in the opposing sign of Taurus is illuminated by this lunation and Mars, it may bring with it sudden breakthroughs or changes related to our sense of physical security. Whether this is changes in our own resources and how we share them with others, our relationship to our bodies or our self-worth, or changes in the world’s resources, remains to be seen. This doesn’t necessarily mean doom & gloom. Although it may not come effortlessly, Uranus’ contribution to this energy is to liberate you from all the BS that isn't yours.

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