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New Moon in Sagittarius: Surrendering to the Divine Self

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On Dec 12 at 6:31 pm EST, we experience a Sagittarius New Moon conjunct Mars at 20 degrees. This energy will most affect individuals with placements around 20-29 degrees of mutable signs (Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini).

As a mutable fire sign, able to handle life’s twists & turns while learning to enjoy the ride, this energy inspires us to embrace the truth of our Higher Self & forces a sense of surrender to this divine inner knowing as the lunation creates a tense aspect to Neptune. Consider this a not-so-gentle push into the unknown of aligning to your higher calling.

As New Moons are a time to unearth the subconscious programs that are not serving our most authentic Self, at this time, it will be important to consider what beliefs (particularly about relationships & physical security) keep you stuck in the zone of comfort, afraid to take a leap of faith to align with your personal truth.

As the lunation makes a harmonious aspect to the North Node in Aries, we may experience fated opportunities that allow us to move forward with courage. The fire energy in the sky points to the future at this time, and if we can allow it to burn down the old, we can free ourselves from the stories we’ve been told. Fire is necessary for alchemy.

Moving forward from the Full Moon in Gemini
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The Full Moon in Gemini on Nov 26 shone a light on the conditioning and limitation that may be preventing us from manifesting the future we know our higher Self is calling us toward. As this lunation illuminated how our thoughts & words don’t match these desires, it also highlighted how these behaviours may be rooted in our ancestral lineages & our early conditioning. As Saturn recently triggered these potential feelings of restriction & limitation, it also gave us the opportunity to work on breaking through these barriers in our own way. To write our own story & break ancestral curses. While Saturn restricts & limits, humbling us to our mortality & our humanity, it also creates the physical container necessary for manifestation on the physical plane.

As the New Moon shifts away from this difficult aspect to Saturn, perhaps now you can see these limitations as an opportunity to shape your unique mold for the life you are birthing? For the ways you are contributing to society with your unique inner wisdom & learned experience?

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