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Libra Lunar Eclipse: Attachment vs. Authenticity

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Our first eclipse of 2024 arrives in the sign of Libra on March 25th at 3:00am EST.  We are collectively being challenged to grow & transform in our relating patterns at this time to find harmony between the self & those we are in close relationship with.


Eclipses are potent funnels of fated energy that we experience on a collective and individual level, happening on a new (solar) or full (lunar) moon.  They occur when the Lunar Nodes of Fate (North & South Node) align with the luminaries, bringing into focus our soul’s evolution.  As social beings, our biggest growth occurs through relationships - and it is therefore the relationships in our lives that drastically shift and change during eclipses.  This is particularly true as we are now working through an eclipse season highlighting the Aries/Libra axis, which quite literally represents the balance of self versus the other.

Lunar eclipses are culminations or closing doors.  As the moon in Libra aligns with the South Node, representing the past and the patterns we are leaving behind, we are pushed to walk away from ways of relating which are rooted in self-abandonment out of a desire to keep the peace.

This energy is unpredictable, especially as we approach the Jupiter & Uranus conjunction in Taurus in a few weeks.  And at this time, you may find yourself on one of two sides of this experience; You may have sudden insights or realizations of what needs to shift in your life, in which case, surrender must come through aligning to this realization.  On the other hand, unpredictable shifts might happen that seem out of your control; in which case the task is to surrender to what you can’t control.  Either way you slice it, the challenge is to not feel like a victim, but to listen, observe & surrender to the cosmic flow.

If you have personal planets around 0-25 degrees of the cardinal signs (Libra, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn), this energy will be impacting you quite personally.  Find out if this is you by signing up to the Lunar Alchemy Collective, where you’ll get full access to this article and instructions on pulling up your chart & learning how the energy is affecting you.  If not, you will still be affected by this energy wherever you have these degrees in your chart.

Relationships as Mirrors of Our Unhealed Selves

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Libra, represented by the scales, is always seeking harmony.  As a cardinal air sign, this energy is all about connection and relationships.  As relationships are mirrors of our own unhealed parts, Libra also represents the us we see in others - the subconscious or unhealed Self that we often hide or suppress.  This is how relationships help us gain self-awareness so that we can evolve and grow - they are mirrors, triggering us to face parts of ourselves that might be keeping us small or disempowered.  At the same time, they reflect back the light and the gifts we may have hidden within ourselves, as we are inspired and lit up by others. In its highest expression, Libra teaches us about healthy negotiation and compromise, peace, love and partnership.  In its lowest expression, it teaches us that in order to find love and belonging, we must put others’ needs ahead of our own; that we must sacrifice or abandon parts of ourselves, or that we must avoid conflict in order to maintain harmony.

As the Moon aligns with the South Node in Libra, we are collectively encouraged to release the low vibrations, while leaning into the high vibrations of Libra energy.  The South Node, illuminated by this Full Moon, brings to our awareness the ways we have sacrificed our authenticity in exchange for attachment, patterns which are deeply rooted in our first relationships in life (usually with our caregivers).

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