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Full Moon in Leo: The Way Forward is Heart-Led

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The first full moon of 2024 peaks at 12:53 pm EST at 5 degrees Leo, illuminating an emotional breakthrough in our relationship to change and the cycles of death & rebirth.

As the Leo moon opposes the Sun & Pluto, newly in Aquarius, and Uranus (Aquarius’ modern ruler) stations direct on Jan 26, deep collective change is in the air. We are reminded of the need to destroy in order to create, and are collectively inspired to deal with our fears, shadows & uncomfortable emotions in a newfound way.

Further, the Moon, Sun & Pluto form a difficult aspect to Jupiter in Taurus, causing us to doubt our ability to be self-resourced. We may feel some lack of faith that we can provide for ourselves in a sustainable way in order to make the changes we know we need to make & shine our light out in the world.

This is particularly true for anyone with major fixed energy in their chart (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio), but it will affect everyone wherever they have these signs in their chart. Find out if this is you by signing up to the Lunar Alchemy Collective, where you’ll get full access to this article and instructions on pulling up your chart & learning how the energy is affecting you.

Cycles from the Past
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This full moon brings to light the seeds we planted at the New Moon in Capricorn regarding the foundations & systems in our lives we know we need to change. It also brings a new light to whatever was initiated on the Leo New Moon on August 16 2023, which coincidentally made a difficult aspect to retrograde Uranus, at the exact degree (23rd) where it will be after it completes its post retrograde shadow in May of this year. This full moon is therefore deeply connected to the deconditioning process we are collectively and personally undergoing at this time - to remember our true worth & our divine purpose, and to allow the foundations of what we once considered secure to crumble.

The Birth of a New World Begins at the Individual Level

Pluto and the Sun met up in the final degree of Capricorn on Jan 20th, initiating the end of a certain structure or foundation that we have known since 2008. Personally and collectively, it is absolutely necessary to allow that foundation to give way now. It’s necessary to surrender to the process of decay, because only through release and surrender can we create space for new life. This process will be a major highlight of 2024, at the end of which, Pluto will stay in Aquarius until 2043 - transforming our collective in profound ways to give the power back to the people.

With the Sun (ruler of Leo) in the opposing sign of Aquarius, it shines its light on the communities we are a part of, and the wider human collective that we reside in. As Pluto and the Sun meet in the sign of the water bearer, we are shown that the way through this death & rebirth process must be together. Aquarius reminds us that wisdom and innovation (air) without emotional intelligence (water) gets us nowhere. The only way to create a more just, healed world, is to expand our consciousness and our capacity to be led by the heart in whatever we do.

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