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As within; So without

Looking around, we may think that a dream life is all about the external accomplishments but it’s truly about what’s inside that creates a fulfilling life.

I’ve been on a personal development journey for a long time now. Maybe it's my heavy Scorpio signature but I love to dig in deep, find meaning in struggles, and transmute them for the benefit of my life and the people around me I care about most.

While on this journey, I’ve noticed a lot of talk about happiness being an inside job. How ultimately, happiness is a choice and we can all find it regardless of what’s going on around us.

But truthfully, when I first heard this, I couldn’t integrate it. I was living fully for the external rewards and validations. Checking boxes of a life template I bought into based on all the feedback around me. I continued to put myself last mostly because I didn’t even know what I needed or wanted.

I’m Andrea, Subconscious Reprogramming & Mindset Guide; and until I discovered

the power of my mind, I was burnt out, lost and ready to give up on my dreams.

So, what is the mind?

  • A database of your entire life experience

  • The filter of your reality

  • Internal chemist translating feelings into neurotransmitters (information for the brain)

  • Your visionary/image creator

  • Analytical power house

The mind is a powerful tool that helps us navigate the human experience, but we’re not taught about how to properly utilize this tool! So, we get stuck in cycles of overthinking and focusing on all the things we don’t really want happening in our lives (which only serves to perpetuate that reality).

Before I allowed my whole world to crumble, I had to make a choice. I had high expectations for my life and a part of me believed I could get there but nothing in my reality was showing me that was the case. The real problem was, reality didn’t show me what I dreamt of because I couldn’t articulate the dream in the first place.

So, at that moment, I decided I could either continue on the same path I was on, or, I could choose something different. I chose something different and here is what I learned as a result.

Happiness is about connecting to your authentic self.

Happiness cannot be defined by anything outside of you. It cannot be defined by society, parents, partners, friends, or anything that is not in your heart. True happiness is a direct reflection of your connection to self.

This is why you can see people who have checked every box in the proverbial checklist of finding happiness yet remain dissatisfied or even worse, miserable. They’ve focused more on achieving external expectations than on things which align with their innermost self.

We are born as unconditionally loving beings, full of joy, happiness, and a kind of purpose we are meant to live out in this lifetime. As time goes on, and depending on circumstances, we are conditioned out of that natural state. This causes us suffering through an unconscious emptiness or void that maybe only becomes apparent once we’ve achieved what we thought we wanted with little to no feelings of lasting contentment.

All those external expectations, external definitions of happiness, success, and what it means to live a good life keep us caught up in the grind of unfulfilled promises.

So, in order to get back to that essence we were born with, we need to connect back to ourselves. This is what doing the “inner work” is all about. Uncovering your true-self, building a relationship through compassion, understanding, and a dedication to making choices that align with what you’ve learned. It’s peeling back all the layers of what has been stored in your personal database (aka the mind) and allowing your true self to shine.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a tool to help you do just that. It is a modality that understands personal experience generates different perspectives. That we all have our own “map” of the world and tuning into this map gives us clues as to how we can make our dreams come true. We can’t blindly follow someone else’s map to get results if it is in direct conflict with our unique perspective. So, digging in and understanding ourselves is the true key to alignment and living our life on purpose.

More about my work through Garden State Guide

I’ve taken my passion for meaningful transformation, personal development and building a life I can’t get enough of into an online coaching business. Through the use of powerful mindset tools such as, NLP, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), Meditation & Hypnosis, I support you in peeling back the layers that don’t serve you. Through 1:1 support, self-paced courses and virtual meditation classes, I guide you to connect back to yourself, develop practices that keep that connection, and subconsciously reprogram your mind to align with the true self.

I believe the more we understand how our mind works and tap into the infinite power through consistent practice, the easier it is for us to bust through illusion, step into authentic expression and reach new levels of self. All in the name of living out our dream lives.

If you want to connect with your subconscious mind to gain awareness of your true Self and your value system, join mine and Vanja’s upcoming workshop: Unearth Your True Self by signing up here.


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