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When we reconnect with and nurture our Lunar Selves, we create the foundation of emotional security from which our biggest dreams can flourish


We shed layers of conditioning that were never ours, reparent ourselves, reconnect with our intuition and authenticity, and in turn, unlock our full potential to co-create with the Universe.

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 Your Lunar Self (noun): 

  1. The innermost, authentic soul energy that you incarnated into this life with. 

  2. The Self buried beneath the layers of people-pleasing, guilt, and shame that caused you to abandon your authenticity in order to gain love + acceptance.

  3. The foundation from which you shine your unique light into the world.


// Your Lunar Self reflects the light of your Sun, your life purpose, and teaches you how to live it in the physical realm. Without nurturing your Lunar Self, you cannot authentically shine your life purpose.

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Support Your Lunar Self

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Adorn your sacred space with handcrafted energetic art created for your natal Moon sign.

Cultivate connection, intimacy & nourish the soul, while honouring divine feminine energy through the Lunar Alchemy Collective & other sacred gatherings. Want to host a private moon circle or have a unique collaboration idea? Contact me.

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Dive into your cosmic blueprint & reconnect with your authentic self with the Your Lunar Self Reading, or gain insight into upcoming energy with astrology forecasts.

Cultivate awareness of current opportunities for growth being initiated for you through the cosmos & receive coaching-style personalized support.


Harness the power of plants & planets through astro-herbology to balance your mind, body & soul. Handcrafted with high quality herbs, curated specifically for your Moon sign.

What People Are Saying

"The Lunar Self Reading is one of the more life changing astrological tools currently available!  It really allowed me to tap into my path and deepen my connection to my authentic self in this lifetime.


I loved the self care recommendations!! It’s great to discuss astrology intellectually but when trying to make changes, I find it really helpful when there are things I can put into practice. These self care recommendations really help me with taking action and it’s greatly appreciated.


The session felt comfortable and open like chatting with a friend which made the whole experience wonderful."

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- Andrea, Happy Client

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I believe that each of us comes into this world whole and worthy, with a specific life purpose, which is contained within our astrological birth chart. When we step into our authentic path and soul purpose, we are not only serving our Highest Self, but the Universe as a whole.

However, from the moment we are born, we begin forgetting and burying our authentic selves in order to conform to societal or familial expectations to gain love and acceptance. As a result, we often live in a hyper-masculine energy, people-pleasing and living life for others, seeking the external validation we so desperately desire.

By nurturing our Lunar Selves, we find balance within ourselves, reparent ourselves, learn to self-soothe, accept + reclaim our authentic selves + reconnect with our divine feminine energy to co-create an authentically aligned life.

Hi, I'm Vanja, 
Spiritual Astrologer + Healing Guide

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