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Available Online

Soul Map: Astrocartography Reading

For those interested in understanding the energies & lessons available from places in the world

  • 45 minutes
  • 130 Canadian dollars
  • Online|Woodside Holistic Studio (Guelph)

Service Description

NOTE: In person option is available select Saturdays at Woodside Studio (Guelph) (request in booking form) If you... - want to know what lessons & opportunities are present where you live - are curious about a relocation - are planning a trip - are calling in a relationship, abundance, money, inner child healing ... etc - want to know more about your soul's calling This reading is for you. Your Soul Map can enable you to: - balance the feminine & masculine - tap into soul purpose - meet aligned soul family - empower yourself - break free from victimhood - step into a heart-led path - integrate the shadow - understand lessons from the past, present & future adventures, & more Have you ever felt a deep calling to a specific place in the world? Maybe it’s not just one, but a longing to be there, perhaps live there, to experience it. Sometimes this longing comes without ever even having stepped foot on that soil - it’s a deep calling within the soul or a stirring curiosity about a place. Perhaps you don’t have a specific calling for somewhere else, but you feel out of place where you currently are - it somehow feels transient or not where you picture yourself spending a lot of time. This is a sign that your soul is craving to learn about a specific energy in this life - and you can uncover this through astrocartography - the astrology of a place, specific to YOU. By relocating (even temporarily) to a different place on your astrocartography chart, you get to experience the energies in your birth chart in a different way - bringing the archetypes of planets that may be living deep within into your consciousness, and therefore moving closer to your full potential & soul purpose. In this session, we will dive into understanding how your location may impact your spiritual growth. If you would like to know about certain locations (up to 4 per session), please indicate city, region, and/or country in the intake form. You will receive and audio recording (if in person - only available by request in Guelph, ON), or a video/audio recording if virtual.

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