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The Scorpio Floral Moon is a carefully handcrafted and everlasting energetic art piece. Perfect for your sacred space or altar, the moon is made with locally grown and foraged flowers and herbs specifically selected to energetically support natal Scorpio Moons. It does this by the esoteric and spiritual properties of the plants and crystal (black tourmaline) contained in it.


It's made from foraged and locally grown herbs, including eucalyptus, holy basil (tulsi), chrysanthemum, hibiscus, and comes adorned with a black tourmaline crystal to keep you protected.


As a seeker of truth, you likely experience emotions intensely and sensually. However, sometimes struggling to connect with others authentically, you may emote in secret. If you are unbalanced and not able to express your passionate side through true connection, you may become withdrawn to protect yourself.


This moon will help keep you open and expressing your passion freely.

NOTE: slight seasonal variation in colours, crystal and flowers does exist

Scorpio Floral Moon

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  • Place in your sacred space and enjoy.  Perform our Lunar Ritual to connect with the plant + crystal energy of your floral moon.

    Keep out of humidity + direct sunlight.  Blow dry on cool setting if dust collects.

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