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Hand-poured Canadian beeswax, rolled in herbs that support your Sagittarius Moon. Take a few breaths to centre + set an intention when lighting them. Whether that's to tap into your adventurous spirit or to find grounding when you feel the urge to escape.


Alternatively, use this ritual candle to set intentions related to travel, exploration, or learning as the moon enters expansive Sagittarius. 


Each candle is 6” long, approximately 3/4” in diameter and burns for approximately 8 hours. They fit in any standard candleholder. 


About Lunar Sagittarius: As an explorer of the world and mind, ruled by a dare-devilish nature, you likely feel your best when you’re spending time outdoors, having adventures with like-minded people and learning new things. You have a desire for freedom, and when unbalanced, may run away from situations that make you feel ‘tied down'.


Sagittarius Beeswax Ritual Candles

Preorders will ship within week of order
  • 100% Canadian beeswax, organic herbs and unbleached cotton wick. 

    Meadowsweet - for attracting love, peace + joy

    Calendula - for intentions related to attracting and sustaining abundance

    Sage - to connect with your inner sage + intuitive wisdom

    Nettle - for protection + grounding when feeling over-zealous

  • Each candle is 6” long, 3/4” in diameter and burns for approximately 8 hours, suitable for any standard candleholder. 

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