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Aquarius New Moon: Being Rooted in Inner Knowing

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The Sun & Moon meet in 20 degrees Aquarius on Feb 9th at 5:58pm EST, initiating a lunar cycle of radical transformation. Following this New Moon, several personal planets will meet with Pluto in Aquarius over the coming weeks, highlighting powerful desires for self-reinvention and change, with the potential to lead us into uncharted territory, led by inner knowing.

Represented by the water bearer, Aquarius is an air sign that transmutes the wisdom of the primordial waters of creation to feed humanity and create a better world for all. The water bearer knows that to be human means to understand our cosmic origins, but to also respect our physical vessels and communities. This energy is rebellious and revolutionary, and reminds us that our unique individuality is what creates the future we envision.

Its rulership by Saturn and Uranus tells us that this sign is here to break through conditioning - to release outmoded structures and to create radical change. Its energy speaks to individuation, to becoming who we truly are, rather than acting and behaving how we have been programmed to do by our society, family, culture, and organized religion, and this New Moon is here to shine a light on the dawn of a new era; one where we are not defined by our past stories or limitations.

If you have personal planets around 15-30 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius), this energy will be impacting you quite personally, creating radical shifts in your inner and outer world. Find out if this is you by signing up to the Lunar Alchemy Collective, where you’ll get full access to this article and instructions on pulling up your chart & learning how the energy is affecting you. If not, you will still be affected by this energy wherever you have these degrees in your chart.

Developing Self-Sufficiency

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The modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, forms a difficult aspect to this lunation at 19 degrees Taurus & harmonious aspect to Venus in Capricorn. 

This energy has the potential to help us break out of attachments which provide a false sense of security, whether those are to certain beliefs about money, our self worth, or to people in our lives.  Uranus in Taurus wants us to change the way we approach our resources so that it is more in alignment with our authentic values, instead of those we may have learned along the way.  With Uranus recently being the last planet to go direct, this tense aspect will likely require us to step into the unknown, relying only on that inexplicable inner knowing that this is the way forward. We may find ourselves feeling like an alien in the old world we are leaving behind, and feel pulled towards being part of new chosen communities that reflect the future we want to see.

With Venus in Capricorn in a harmonious aspect to Uranus in Taurus, we may feel more grounded in our ability to resolve the past, leaving behind ways of relating to each other, and to our resources in ways that are outdated and not supportive of where we are going.  

As Aquarius’ traditional ruler, Saturn, creates a harmonious aspect to Jupiter in Taurus, our faith in ourselves, and the hardships we have recently been to are perhaps more easily accepted as part of a greater plan to enable our self-sufficiency.  We are able to lean more into our own sense of security going forward, despite what sudden changes might be happening around us.

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