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The Sagittarius Cleansing Wand is carefully handcrafted specifically to energetically support natal Sagittarius Moons by balancing the low and high vibration of the Moon's energy in this sign. It can also be used as a ritual tool to balance the energy of the Moon during the its transit through Sagittarius every month. It's made from foraged and locally grown herbs, including sage, calendula, borage, and yellow dock, and comes adorned with a tourmaline crystal to keep you vibing high. As an explorer of the world and mind, ruled by a dare-devilish nature, you likely feel your best when you’re spending time outdoors, having adventures with like-minded people and learning new things. You have a desire for freedom, and when unbalanced, may run away from situations that make you feel ‘tied down'. This cleansing wand will provide you with escape, but help you stay and problem solve when the road gets tough.

NOTE: slight seasonal variation in colours and flowers does exist

Sagittarius Cleansing Wand

  • Remove crystal and light in a fireproof container to cleanse your energy and environment.

  • Green tourmaline crystal, foraged and locally grown herbs, including sage, calendula, borage, and yellow dock.

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