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Lunar energy is creative energy. Yet, many live divorced from her magick...

Do you find yourself sometimes struggling to honour the natural ebbs & flows of life?

Are you craving to deepen your connection to your intuition & build trust in following your authentic path?

When things get rough, do you find yourself slipping into victimhood & feeling powerless?

Do you sometimes feel alone on our journey, craving intimacy and connection, and a knowing that you are held & supported?

Deep down, people like us have always known that there is more to life than we've been led to believe.  More connection.  More joy.  More depth.  More pleasure...

We've always known that we are here to shake things up.  To do things our way.  To be the cycle breakers in our family lineage.  To show others that it's possible to thrive, not just survive.

The Lunar Alchemy Collective is what I wish I had when my healing journey began years ago. 


I'm so excited to offer this sacred container & community to you now.

xo, Vanja


The Lunar Alchemy Collective is not your average Moon Circle.  It's so much more than that - with a membership option that fits all needs.

It's a safe space to honour the divine feminine within & without, to flow with cosmic cycles, develop or deepen a sacred ritual practice & align to your true soul's purpose while being supported by community, plants & planets.

A sacred community that allows you to lovingly accept all parts of yourself.  


To witness the light & the dark, & come into sacred wholeness.


To alchemize your pain into purpose. 


To bloom like a lotus flower through the mud of life, and towards the light of your Sun - your spirit, and your life force energy.

& to magnetize a life of fulfillment & joy.


By joining this sacred community, you are choosing to step into your wholeness and become the most powerful, authentic Self.


You are choosing to flow with the cosmic currents, and become a conscious co-creator of your reality through the light & the dark times.

You're choosing to put an end to ancestral cycles of survival, lack, victimhood, and powerlessness.

You're choosing to follow your heart & your authentic path, despite what societal or familial conditioning tells you.


By honouring the cycles of the moon, healing your divine feminine energy, and reclaiming your creative power through sacred community, ritual, plants, planets & embodiment, you are on your way to your most fulfilling life.


Learn more about the membership options below.

  • Lunar Alchemy Collective Tier 1

    Svaki mjesec
    Biweekly energy updates, journal prompts, online community & how to read your chart & transits
    Vrijedi 12 mjeseca/i+ 7 dana besplatnog probnog razdoblja
    • In depth New & Full Moon energy updates
    • Journal prompts for each New & Full moon
    • Embodiment suggestions for each New & Full moon
    • How to read your chart & transits
    • Access to virtual community
    • 15% discount to monthly New Moon Circles
  • Lunar Alchemy Collective Tier 2

    Svaki mjesec
    Tier 1 AND monthly moon circle & more! | $60+ VALUE/MONTH |
    Vrijedi 12 mjeseca/i+ 7 dana besplatnog probnog razdoblja
    • Tier 1 access, and:
    • Membership to monthly New Moon Circle (virtual/replay)*
    • Membership to 4 in person circles (Guelph/Owen Sound)*
    • *Include energy healing meditation, ritual, astrology talk+
    • 20% discount to select in-person events
  • Lunar Alchemy Collective Tier 3

    Svaki mjesec
    Tier 1 & 2, AND a virtual Guidance session with Vanja/year | $70+ VALUE/MONTH |
    Vrijedi 12 mjeseca/i+ 7 dana besplatnog probnog razdoblja
    • Access to Tier 1 & 2, AND:
    • 1x45min 1:1 virtual guidance session with Vanja/year

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