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Hand-poured Canadian beeswax, rolled in herbs that support your Leo Moon. Take a few breaths to centre + set an intention when lighting them. Whether that's to tap into your generosity + big heart, or to invite in grounding + rest.


Alternatively, use this ritual candle to set intentions related to genorosity, charisma, and opening the heart as the moon moves into fun-loving Leo.


Each candle is 6” long, approximately 3/4” in diameter and burns for approximately 8 hours. They fit in any standard candleholder. 


About Lunar Leo:  You shine brightest and most authentically when you are in the spotlight. Ruled by the Sun, you are expressive and full of creative energy, with a great thirst for spontaneity and play. When unbalanced, you can burn out from having too much of a good time.

Leo Beeswax Ritual Candles

Preorders will ship within week of order
  • 100% Canadian beeswax, organic herbs and unbleached cotton wick.

    Hyssop - for purification + letting go

    Mullein - for intentions related to self-acceptance

    Wild cherry bark - for intentions related to building trust in others


  • Each candle is 6” long, 3/4” in diameter and burns for approximately 8 hours, suitable for any standard candleholder. 

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