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Rise to your most empowered, heart-centered self.

Sat. April 15 | 10am - 6:30pm
Kenilworth, ON

REVIVE & ALIGN to your deepest desires through the heart.


CLEAR & TRANSMUTE the limiting beliefs & wounds that block you from expansion.
Feel EMPOWERED to walk to beat of your future Self. 

Join us at this gathering at a historic schoolhouse in Kenilworth ON, where Vanja (of Astrobloom) and Jess (of Willow Ray Healing) will guide you through a full day of astrologically-informed movement, meditation, elemental ritual, and potent energy healing to revive your desires & empower you to step boldly into your future self.  


With 2023's potent transformational astrology peaking this Spring, we have curated this Day Retreat to intentionally hold space to access the parts of us that are ready to fall away & to consciously call in the version of ourselves we desire to step into.


This shift is inviting us to step into our power, to follow the heart call - the rhythm of our own drum.  We'll help you access and deepen connection to your heart’s desires, guide you to meet with the parts of you that have been causing discomfort and blocking your expansion, and assist you in transmuting them in this sacred space. The deep layers of your limiting beliefs from inner child wounds & past experiences are ready to be fully purged. 


Allow us to help you clear space for your most empowered Self to be

expressed & receive your true desires.


Keep reading to learn about the astrological shift that is occurring how we will be guiding you through this day.

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Revive (/rəˈvīv/):

Empower (/imˈpouər/):
To restore to life or bring to consciousness; To give new strength or energy to.
To make someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.
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The Space
The rose gardens housed at Rose Rituals Studio lend the perfect energetic landscape to guide us deep into the heart & to step courageously into 2023’s eclipse portal, opening on April 20th.
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10-11: Cosmic Weather & Introductions


11-1:30: Revive - Venus Activation & Cacao Ceremony

Revive & align to your deepest desires through the heart with meditation & yoga, rose & cacao ceremony.


1:30-2:30: Catered Lunch


2:30 - 4:30 - Shamanic Healing Journey & Release Ritual

Identify, unblock and release barriers or limiting beliefs through a powerful shamanic journey with Pluto & Chiron.


4:30 - 6: Empower - Mars Activation & Tea Ritual

Manifest your future self with toning, drums & fire within using visualization & herbal allies.


6 - 6:30: Snacks & Closing

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REVIVE & EMPOWER (Instagram Post (Portrait)) (5).png
REVIVE & EMPOWER (Instagram Post (Portrait)) (4).png

2023’s eclipse portal opens on April 20th, presenting us with inevitable change that brings us closer to our empowered & heart-centered self.  On top of this pivotal shift, Pluto, the planet representing our most hidden, repressed aspects of self enters revolutionary Aquarius on March 23 for the first time in our lives.

Eclipses are fated events, where the highly karmic & spiritual Nodes of the Moon align with the New (Solar) or Full (Lunar) Moon. These powerful portals of energy are a time of re-alignment on your soul path. It’s the Universe making sure you’re learning the lessons you’re meant to learn in this life.  Change is the only constant, particularly during eclipses, so understanding what you can expect and learning to surrender is the key to spiritual growth & fulfillment.

Since Nov 2021, the lunar nodes of fate have activated eclipses in Taurus & Scorpio, urging us to release anything that is draining our energy that does not align to our true value system. 

We’ve collectively been tested to release foundations that disempower us and clear space to awaken to our hearts’ desires. 

We’ve been called to rebalance the efforts we expend towards building others’ dreams versus our own.  

To explore our shadows & reclaim our power.  To understand that through the dark, we attain the light.

REVIVE & EMPOWER (Instagram Post (Portrait)).png

The New Moon eclipse occurring on April 20 highlights the final opportunity to solidify these lessons and flow to the beat of our own hearts this year.  

Happening on a new moon in Aries, this time signals the transition of the nodes into Aries & Libra through the course of 2023, and gives us a taste of what's to come through to 2025. At the same time, Pluto forms a tense aspect to the Nodes (in place most of 2023), pushing us to take radical responsibility for ourselves.  This energy requires us to surrender to fate as we work to break free from conditioning, bonds and ways of relating that keep us divorced from our power, unaligned with our values, and make us lose our sense of identity in others.


This is a time to clear past karma, take charge of our emotional and spiritual development, and deepen our awareness of our true desires.  

Under Aries & Libra nodes, the sudden realignment that happens during eclipse portals is even more quick and unpredictable. This energy will lead us face to face with our inherent wounds, and as a result, we'll be asked to release people-pleasing tendencies and to step into our independence, courage, and personal power.  

Working with these potent energies and providing you with the understanding of how this energy will affect you, we’ll guide you through a powerful transformation into your most empowered & embodied future self.

Are you in?

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REVIVE & EMPOWER (Instagram Post (Portrait)) (6).png
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Tax included. RSVP by 11:59pm April 10.

Payment plans are available by request. Contact us.

Meet Your Guides

Jess works with clients on an energetic level, working with her intuitive and psychic gifts to access stored trauma and unprocessed emotions in the body. She works with Spirit guidance and connects to the wisdom of the body to move through the stagnance and guide clients into a clear innerstanding of how to move forward with ease and grace.

Jess's work is strongly rooted in empowering those to their own inner wisdoms, with deep compassion, and is committed to deprogramming the layers of conditioning that keep us small, so we can feel safe to open our hearts and step into a full expression of Self.

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Shamanic Guide & Energy Healer

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Spiritual Astrologer
& Healing Guide

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Astrology initiated a coming home to my authentic Self.


This Self was buried beneath the layers of people-pleasing that caused me to abandon my authenticity in order to gain love. By cultivating self-acceptance through awareness and ritual, I have transformed my pain into purpose, and now help others do the same.

As an intuitive astrologer, 200hr yoga teacher, and herbalist, I operate on the belief that everything is energy. Through Astrobloom, I apply the teachings of astrology, psychology, astro-herbalism and yoga to restore energetic harmony and promote healing by helping others cultivate a deep connection to their authentic Self.


I provide 1 on 1 client support, lead monthly moon circles to promote healing of divine feminine energy, as well as create altar art & herbal ritual tools to cultivate healing with astrologically-customized selfcare.

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