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A workshop to create your dream life through astrology & mindset shifts.


What if we told you that the security, connection, and intimacy you’ve been seeking can only truly come from within? 

Our society has taught us to value ourselves by the things we own, the achievements we’ve made, or the relationships we have.

Serving up promises of happiness and contentment in the house, job, latest gadget, or “must see” vacation spot. Selling the idea that all we need is something or someone to complete us to help us feel happy and fulfilled.

As humans, we all desire intimacy and connection; a place to be seen, heard, and felt. But the catch is that the more we seek connection outside of ourselves, the less connection we will find. 

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True intimacy is only possible once we witness and accept our whole selves - the conscious and subconscious.

As we face the final eclipse portal on the Scorpio and Taurus axis from Oct 25th to Nov 8th, many of us are being forced to meet our subconscious minds.  There is an opportunity to release beliefs we may have picked up around intimacy and values that do not align with who we truly are. 

By using tools to help us tap into the subconscious and peel back layers to reveal our true selves, we are able to cultivate those feelings of connection and intimacy from within.

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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."
Carl Jung
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Listen - we’ve been there.

We know how hard it is to imagine the “you” underneath all of your layers that have been built up in your life...

How difficult it is to go within and connect to your desires after a lifetime of meeting expectations of society and people-pleasing…

And this is exactly why we put together Unearth Your True Self. We’ve experienced the fruitful transformation of these modalities, feeling deep fulfillment as a result, and want to share that experience with you. 

Join us for this two-part workshop designed to peel back your layers and get to the core of who you are using two powerful modalities for self-awareness: Astrology & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

This workshop goes beyond your daily horoscope musings and will help you tap into your subconscious mind, habitual patterns, as well as your true value system through your astrology. With the support of NLP, a modality that recognizes your uniqueness and individuality in this life, you’ll build on this awareness to find clarity, feel seen, and understand what it means to be you

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BONUS: we’ve included two powerful rituals to deepen your connection to self: 
Lunar Self Care Workshop
Lunar Self Care Workshop
25. Mai 2024, 15:00 GMT-7
Breathe Fitness (Squamish, BC)
Tea Ritual: harness the energy of plants & planets to reconnect with your authentic self & find security within. 

Identity Integration: integrate your workshop "aha's" through a guided visualization that connects you with your next level self.

$97 ($700 value)


(available until OCT 23) 
Meet Your Teachers

I dream of a world where we are free to be ourselves and show up authentically. 


This is why I started Garden State Guide, knowing that once we cultivate self-awareness through the lens of unconditional love, we know who we want to be.

I’m here to teach you how to subconsciously reprogram limiting beliefs and align with your most authentic self all in the name of living a life of your dreams. I believe the more we understand how our mind works and consistently practice mindset tools, the easier we can bust through illusion and step into this authentic expression our hearts are nudging us to do.

I’m a Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner who is also certified in meditation and hypnosis. I love combining my education with personal experience to guide you on your journey.

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Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner

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Spiritual Astrologer
& Healing Guide

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Astrology initiated a coming home to my authentic Self.


This Self was buried beneath the layers of people-pleasing that caused me to abandon my authenticity in order to gain love. By cultivating self-acceptance through awareness and ritual, I have transformed my pain into purpose, and now help others do the same.

As an intuitive astrologer, 200hr yoga teacher, and herbalist, I operate on the belief that everything is energy. Through Astrobloom, I apply the teachings of astrology, psychology, astro-herbalism and yoga to restore energetic harmony and promote healing by helping others cultivate a deep connection to their authentic Self.


I provide 1 on 1 client support, lead monthly moon circles to promote healing of divine feminine energy, as well as create altar art & herbal ritual tools to cultivate healing with astrologically-customized selfcare.


Astrobloom auf dem Gramm

Bleiben Sie in Verbindung, lassen Sie sich inspirieren und genießen Sie die Schönheit der Natur.

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