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The Pisces Cleansing Wand is carefully handcrafted specifically to energetically support natal Pisces Moons by balancing the low and high vibration of the Moon's energy in this sign. It can also be used as a ritual tool to balance the energy of the Moon during the its transit through Pisces every month.It's made from foraged and locally grown herbs, including garden sage, lavender, linden, lavender, sweet pea flower, and comes adorned with an aquamarine crystal to cleanse emotional baggage. As an empath and intuitive, you likely feel best while daydreaming and being creative. When unbalanced, you may fall deep into the imaginary realm, becoming escapist. You may also fail to express your emotions and set boundaries with others, causing you to be taken advantage of. This cleansing wand will help you set boundaries with others and dream without the need for escape.

NOTE: slight seasonal variation in colours and flowers does exist

Pisces Cleansing Wand

  • Remove crystal, light bundle and use the smoke to cleanse your energy and space.

  • Aquamarine crystal, foraged and locally grown herbs, including garden sage, lavender, linden, lavender, and sweet pea flower.

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