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Hand-poured Canadian beeswax, rolled in herbs that support your Capricorn Moon. Take a few breaths to centre + set an intention when lighting them. Whether that's to tap into your gifts of responsibility + self-preservation, or find more strength + grounding to climb your next mountain.


Alternatively, use this ritual candle to set intentions related to career, legacy,  and long-term goals and ambitions.


Each candle is 6” long, approximately 3/4” in diameter and burns for approximately 8 hours. They fit in any standard candleholder. 


About Lunar Capricorn:  You likely find pleasure in productivity, meaningful work, and stability. To feel emotionally secure, it’s important for you to maintain steady forward momentum towards your goals. When unbalanced, you may struggle with workaholic tendencies that allow you to distance yourself from your emotions. 

Capricorn Beeswax Ritual Candles

Preorders will ship within week of order
  • 100% Canadian beeswax, organic herbs and unbleached cotton wick. 

    Mullein - for protection + an easy climb to the top of the mountain

    Oatstraw - for sustenance and abundance on the climb to success

    Lemon balm - to invoke peace + open the heart

    Yarrow  - for intentiona related to rest + healing

  • Each candle is 6” long, 3/4” in diameter and burns for approximately 8 hours, suitable for any standard candleholder. 

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