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Reconnect with the awe and magic of your inner child amidst the gentle embrace of Mother Nature.

DAY RETREAT | JULY 20 | 12:30 - 8:30PM  
at LUNA Homestead

Structured in alignment to the energetic dance of the cosmos & the elements, this retreat is a journey back to the days of timeless wonder & universal oneness.



Surrender to the embrace of a guided meditation in a spring-fed pond, where every stroke is a reminder of carefree summer days.



Awaken your creativity & adorn your crown with intentionally crafted & foraged floral crowns as you learn about plant spirit medicine. 



Deepen your connection to your inner child through a heart-opening cacao ceremony, guided visualization & vinyasa yoga practice.



Find grounding & inner peace through reflection amidst the whispers of ancient trees, while embracing the senses through mindful connection with the earth's rhythms.



Express freely through healing vibrations curated to help you safely process emotions, and share your journey with others, fostering a sense of connection & collective healing. 


This retreat is for you if you:

Long for deeper connection & intimacy in your life


Yearn to slow down & savour more intentional time with yourself


Want to understand how to take better care of your inner child to experience healthier relationships (with yourself & others)


Desire to reconnect with your sense of wonder, creativity, and playfulness


Crave to feel deeply connected with nature and the land, and experience a sense of harmony, reverence, and belonging to the natural world


Yearn for holistic healing, nurturing your mind, body, and soul to achieve balance, vitality, and inner peace

“We each have a “Child Within”— the part of us that is ultimately alive, energetic, creative and fulfilled.
This is our Real Self—who we truly are.”

— Charles Whitfield

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Structured in alignment to the energetic dance of the cosmos & the elements, this retreat is a journey back to the days of timeless wonder & universal oneness.


What to Expect

Opening Ceremony 1230-130 AstroFlow Yoga Class 130-225 Refreshments & Bio Break 215-230 WA

Opening Ceremony
AstroFlow Yoga Class
Refreshments & Bio Break
WATER: Spring-Fed Pond Immersion
Late Lunch
EARTH: Forest Bath & Hike 
FIRE: Flower Crown Creating & Snacks
AIR: Free Movement to Healing Vibes 
Closing Circle 


Opening Ceremony 1230-130 AstroFlow Yoga Class 130-225 Refreshments & Bio Break 215-230 WA

RETREAT PILLARS: We believe that ...

Opening Ceremony 1230-130 AstroFlow Yoga Class 130-225 Refreshments & Bio Break 215-230 WA


Intentionally working with cosmic cycles can fast-track your healing

Paracelsus said: “The human body is a microcosm, or a little world, and it is governed by the same laws as the macrocosm, or the great world. By observing and understanding the movements of the stars and planets, we can gain insight into the workings of the human body and use this knowledge to heal & restore balance.” As we welcome a full moon in Capricorn during the height of Cancer season in the early hours of July 21, the cosmic energy is ripe with potential to heal the relationship between our inner child, & inner mother & father. The Capricorn & Cancer cosmic axis draws focus to our ancestral roots, early conditioning, family and childhood experience - and how the past therefore creates the foundation for our future & our impact in the world. The right balance of the light aspects of Cancer and Capricorn allow us to develop emotional security within ourselves (Cancer), so that we are able to build foundations in our lives that support our evolution out in the world (Capricorn). Several celestial bodies associated with deeply heart-opening, transformative, spiritual & healing energy, like Pluto, Chiron and Neptune, are quite active in the sky during this time – aiding us in emotional release, spiritual connection and inner child healing.

Your relationship with your inner child affects all relationships in your life...

Inner-child healing is based on the belief that everyone has an inner child. This is a part of the self that reflects the childhood experiences of the child within and manifests in adulthood as particular internal felt perceptions, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs or as external behaviors and actions. Nurturing our inner child is essential for holistic well-being, as it enables us to heal past wounds, rediscover our authentic selves, and build resilience. By addressing unresolved childhood issues and embracing our true essence, we cultivate self-compassion, emotional strength, and authenticity. This process not only enhances our relationship with ourselves but also enriches our connections with others, fostering empathy, intimacy, and understanding. Nurturing our inner child allows us to rediscover joy, creativity, and spontaneity, bringing more vitality and fulfillment into our lives. Overall, it is through nurturing our inner child that we cultivate a deeper sense of self-love, acceptance, and inner peace.





Nature & the elements are our greatest healers.

The ancient science & art of alchemy teaches us that everything is made up of the five elements—spirit, earth, water, fire, and air — including us. Your relationship to the elements will depend on your unique cosmic blueprint, but one thing is for certain - they are all a part of you. Each element holds unique qualities that can support our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Grounding ourselves in the earth element promotes stability, security, and a sense of rootedness, while connecting with water encourages emotional flow, purification, and renewal. Fire ignites passion, creativity, and transformation, guiding us towards growth and empowerment, while the air element inspires clarity, communication, and freedom of expression. By engaging with these elements, whether through mindfulness practices, outdoor activities, or rituals, we can cultivate balance, harmony, and vitality in our lives, aligning with the natural rhythms of the universe and fostering a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things. Connecting with nature offers numerous healing benefits for our mind, body, and soul. Spending time in natural environments has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, promoting overall mental well-being. The sights, sounds, and smells of nature can calm the mind, increase feelings of relaxation, and enhance mood.

Wellness is measured through the health of your nervous system.

Our nervous system's capacity to handle stress is formed in early years. Healing the nervous system is therefore crucial to inner child healing. Nervous system regulation refers to the ability of the nervous system to maintain a balanced state of activity, responsiveness, and arousal. Regulation of the nervous system involves the intricate interplay between different components, including the sympathetic nervous system (responsible for the "fight or flight" response) and the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for the "rest and digest" response). An optimally regulated nervous system enables individuals to effectively adapt to stressors, modulate emotional responses, and maintain physiological equilibrium. Regulating the nervous system is essential for overall health and well-being, as it plays a central role in coordinating bodily functions and responding to stress. It reduces occurrence of chronic stress (and accompanying diseases), enhances emotional resilience, improves cognitive function and fosters healthy interpersonal relationships.





Health begins at the emotional level.

Emotions are energy in motion, but sometimes they get stuck when we suppress or hide them. This can result in various energetic and even physical imbalances in the body. Emotional processing refers to the psychological mechanism through which individuals identify, understand, and manage their emotions. It is essential for our mental and emotional well-being, as it allows us to acknowledge, understand, and integrate our feelings in a healthy and constructive manner. By allowing ourselves to feel and express our emotions without judgment or suppression, we prevent them from becoming trapped or festering within us, leading to increased stress, anxiety, or even physical health issues. Instead, emotional processing enables us to release pent-up emotions, promote self-awareness and insight, and cultivate emotional resilience.

THE LOCATION: Luna Homestead

luna garden.png
LUNA Homestead, located in St George, ON (near Hamilton), is a space for community to gather; to heal, to share and to rebuild together; through environmental and agricultural stewardship.

At the end of this day, you'll walk away with...

A deeper insight into your inner self, discovering subconscious beliefs, patterns, and emotions that may be influencing your behaviour.

A feeling of lightness & relief after processing emotions, gaining clarity, and finding inner peace.


Techniques to reconnect with your inner child, cultivating greater self-compassion and self-acceptance and as a result fostering a more nurturing relationship with yourself.

A sense of connection to something greater than yourself through mindful connection to the elements - which serve as powerful symbols of renewal, transformation, and interconnectedness.

New connections with like-minded individuals who share a love for the outdoors and a desire for personal growth.

New perspective and a greater sense of balance by stepping away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

$333 (incl. tax)

Regular price

$299* (incl. tax)

*EARLY BIRD: Ends 12AM June 14

REGISTRATION ENDS 11:59 PM JULY 18. Limited space available.

Payment plan available upon request - email Vanja here.

Meet Your Facilitators

Vanja Banks,

Spiritual Astrologer
& Healer

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Vanja applies her learned experience & wisdom to restore energetic harmony and promote holistic healing by helping others cultivate a deep connection to their authentic Self.


Having grown up in war-torn Yugoslavia and immigrating to Canada at the age of 10, Vanja's path has been one of unlearning & healing trauma to find her way back to her authenticity, power, and passions.


As a generational cycle breaker, healer and teacher, she works intimately with clients & shares her wisdom through courses to help them reclaim lost parts of themselves, step into their power, and follow their own path, free of societal conditioning and familial patterns.

Affirmative Healing finds its roots in Bianca’s personal journey of healing, a journey marked by the exploration of holistic practices and traditional therapy to address anxiety, grief, and self-doubt. These practices became her anchor amidst life's trials, empowering her to navigate its ebbs and flows while rediscovering her authentic self, reconnecting with different facets of her being, and cultivating self-love and trust.


This transformative experience led Bianca to integrate mind, body, and soul into her healing approach. Her offerings embody a harmonious blend of personal revelations and formal clinical training, fostering holistic healing and transformation in those she has the privilege to work with.

Bianca Uguccioni,

Registered Psychotherapist (Affirmative Healing)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there overnight accommodation for guests traveling far?

For those traveling from a distance below are a few options of accommodations close by: The Homestead - 24' Off-Grid Yurt Homestead (on the Luna Homestead property) - see the Airbnb link below for availability. Comfort Inn 58 King George Rd, Brantford, ON Home2 Suites by Hilton Brantford 27 Sinclair Blvd Building 2, Brantford, ON The Laundry Room - Cambridge 15 Glebe St, Cambridge, ON The Barracks Inn 425 Wilson St. E, Ancaster, ON

What do I need to bring?

Please bring a yoga mat (we will have some but not enough for everyone), journal, bathing suit, towel, sunscreen and water bottle, as well as anything else that you feel would need to make your time more comfortable.

Is there a payment plan?

We would be glad to accommodate a payment plan if it makes things more accesible for you. Please contact Vanja at to arrange this.

Where do I park?

The parking lot at LUNA is located beside the main trailhead on the west side of Sager Rd. Participant parking lot: 625 Sager Rd, Troy Ontario L0R 2B0 Participant parking lot GPS coordinates: N 43°16.404 W 080°13.227 We recommend that you carpool if you can if you know someone else who is attending as there are limited parking spaces.

When do I need to arrive and where do I go?

Please arrive 15 min early (12:15pm). Upon arrival we will meet in the parking lot until everyone gathers and walk to the property together.

What if I'm running late?

If you are running late please contact one of the facilitators - we will be checking our email & have our phones with us prior to the event start time. See confirmation and reminder emails for our contact information.

Should I bring any food?

A meal and snacks will be provided throughout the day. If you feel that you require more food please feel free to bring what you need!

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