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The Cancer Cleansing Wand is carefully handcrafted specifically to energetically support natal Cancer Moons by balancing the low and high vibration of the Moon's energy in this sign. It can also be used as a ritual tool to balance the energy of the Moon during the its transit through Cancer every month. It's made from foraged and locally grown herbs, including garden sage, chamomile, angelica, and yellow dock, and comes adorned with a clear quartz crystal to help you set boundaries and deflect negative energy. Ruled by the Moon and the element of water, you’re likely an empath and experience the world through an ocean of emotions. Generous and nurturing, your selfless nature can sometimes cause you to place too much of your self-worth in serving others, omitting your own needs. This cleansing wand will help re-energize and soothe you when you've given too much

NOTE: slight seasonal variation in colours and flowers does exist

Cancer Cleansing Wand

  • Remove crystal, light bundle and use the smoke to cleanse your energy and space.

  • Clear quartz crystal, foraged and locally grown herbs, including garden sage, chamomile, angelica, and yellow dock.

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