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The Healer Archetype + the Power of Linden

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

"She is limitless, a giving heart, with no expectation of receiving. In love with her own solitude, the Universe within, she reminds us that the bravest step one can take is by going inward." - @danielledoby , I Am Her Tribe

The Wounded Healer - Moon in Pisces

The Moon is in intuitive and psychic Pisces until July 27th, so happy Moon birthday to my Lunar Pisces! Those born with their natal Moon in Pisces are intuitive, built of strength and sensitivity, with a sage gaze that drifts between the sharp and the dreaming. Many embody the Wounded Healer archetype as they are gifted healers who feel their own wounds so deeply and are able to empathize with wounds of others with great intimacy. As a result, many of them struggle to establish boundaries with others and to communicate their pain, as they fear creating more ugliness in the world.

Similarly, the Pisces Moon is a time of emotional sensitivity when we become better aware of what we are feeling, which can feel overwhelming. It is a special time when we are able to connect with our soul deeper by swimming between the realm of spirit and matter, as well as time, with greater ease. As such, this Moon is an ideal time to practice solitary divination (ex. tarot, oracle, reading tea leaves) to connect with your highest self and spirit guides, as there is enormous psychic energy available. As it also happens to be a disseminating Moon, it is a time of giving gratitude and harvesting the culmination of the recent full Moon in Aquarius - so express gratitude to the spirit world while you connect and tune in.

The magic of Linden

Linden (Tillea Spp.), a tall and stately tree of European descent found in our Pisces Lunar Tea, that can perfume an entire neighbourhood with its scent when in bloom. It is a powerful plant, both physically and energetically, for our Lunar Pisces, but also for anyone practicing a moon ritual on a Pisces moon, or learning to heal themselves. Physically, Linden is a nervine, sedative and antispasmodic. It's a wonderful sleep aid, anti-anxiety herb, and digestive aid that also has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

Energetically, linden is used in rituals of compassion, love and wisdom, properties which stem back to Ancient Greece where it is associated with Chiron.

Chiron, Pisces + Linden

In mythology, Chiron the centaur, was the product of an undesired union between Kronos (Saturn) and Philyra, a nymph. Horrified that Chiron was a monster produced by her union with Kronos, Philyra begged the gods to transform her into anything but her mortal self. By being transformed into a linden tree, she proceeded to provide wisdom, love and compassion under which Chiron grew until he was fostered by Apollo.

With Apollo’s guidance, Chiron eventually became a well-known scholar, teacher, healer and even prophet in his own right, tutoring Greek “Hero” figures in their youth. He later, through no fault of his own, suffered a physical injury that would not heal, and being immortal, was forced to live with it in agony.

In astrology, Chiron symbolizes our inner soft spot that forms where we’ve been hurt in early life. The lesson of Chiron involves the ways we recognize and deal with (or don’t) our deepest wounds—our earliest encounters with life, memories that we’re socialized to hide because they’re deemed “unpleasant” and therefore unacceptable.

Chiron’s purpose is to make us realize that our weak spots are not feelings we can excise, if only because they cannot be denied. By re-encountering stressful situations and reflecting on them, we let self-awareness in, which in turn leads us to denounce the role of Victim and become the exalted Teacher/Healer as embodied in the mythological figure of Chiron.

Many Lunar Pisces embody this same wounded healer archetype, because of their ability to merge with others and often be victimized due to a lack of personal boundaries. This is why, like Phylira was for Chiron, the properties of Linden are so powerful for natal Lunar Pisces as well as during the Moon in Pisces - when we all feel our wounds a bit more deeply.

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