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New Moon in Capricorn: Surrendering to the Alchemy

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The first new moon of 2024 arrives tomorrow at 6:37am, closing out the last week(ish) of Capricorn season, kicking off a huge portal of accelerated spiritual evolution into the spring.  As the last New Moon we’ll ever see that meets up with Pluto in Capricorn, you can expect big initiations.  This is the beginning of the end of the old, disempowering foundations and relationship dynamics in our personal lives and the collective.

This is particularly true for anyone with major cardinal energy in their chart (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer), but it will affect everyone wherever they have these signs in their chart.  It happens at 20 degrees Capricorn, which was the exact degree that was initiated with the Saturn & Pluto conjunction in January 2020. What was exposed about power dynamics in your life at that time? Find out if this is you by signing up to the Lunar Alchemy Collective, where you’ll get full access to this article and instructions on pulling up your chart & learning how the energy is affecting you.

Kicking off a year of massive change

2024 is a year of big shifts in collective consciousness, because there are several significant changes happening with outer planets (Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune) that govern our collective unconscious.  One of those major shifts that has already been activated momentarily from March until June of 2023 - Pluto in Aquarius.  In 2024, Pluto will spend more time in Aquarius than Capricorn, as it finalizes its transit through the seagoat’s territory since 2008. Every time a planet finishes its movement through a sign, an integration happens of the lessons that have been exposed.  Because Pluto moves so slow, this learning and integration has been taking place in layers since 2023 and will follow into early 2025.  Since it leaves Capricorn for Aquarius on Jan 21 (during this lunar cycle), expect themes from early 2023 to be revisited in relation to your personal power, your legacy, the contribution to the collective, and the foundation on which you base these upon. Right now you might be reflecting on the mark you want to leave on this world, and feel called to move through any blocks that may prevent you from that. This means finally saying no to something that might no longer be working in your life.

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Pluto is all about the collective shadows; our deepest fears, and our most hidden selves.  It is the underworld - all the parts we wish to hide and suppress.  But at the same time, Pluto is the alchemist.  It is where the inner gold is found when we learn to let go of everything we thought we were on a personal (and collective) level, and allow the spirit to rise above ego (the mind & personality).  It symbolizes the death & rebirth process, similar to the phoenix rising from the ashes.  This process may seem mystical and beautiful (and it is), but it is also painful as hell - because it asks us to confront the things we fear most. Only once we enter the void of the unknown, willingly surrendering ourselves to the process of metamorphosis, can we discover our personal power.  If you want to learn more about Pluto in Capricorn versus Pluto in Aquarius, listen to this episode from when he first entered the water bearer in March 2023.

Capricorn is the energy of the root chakra.  It is the skeleton - what gives us structure & solidity, personally and collectively.  At the same time, it is the things that have been passed down to us, which includes wisdom, inheritance, and gifts, but it also includes generational and societal traumas, beliefs and limitations. In Capricorn, Pluto has been unearthing these very bones of our lives. In doing so - it has also been unearthing the bones of our collective society, exposing the unequal distribution of power in our relationships, our communities & our systems.  As this New Moon shines a light on the final [cathartic] degree of Capricorn, just weeks before its move into Aquarius, an unveiling & an alchemy is initiated.

This is why this New Moon is a BIG one.  It is the entry into the void that is 2024 - into the cocoon that will become the butterfly.

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