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Astro-geography + finding comfort in discomfort

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

A personal healing journey on my North Node line

The Sun is rising after a stormy night on the Atlantic coast of Southwest England as I take the train to London for my flight back to Canada. The fleeting weather here is a constant reminder of surrender to the unknown, a lesson I am very much learning in this life.

Today, I may be returning to the same place geographically, but everything is different. The North Node energy pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me grow and heal in ways I never thought imaginable.

If you follow me on social media, I've been pretty open regarding my mental health struggles over the last few years. A conditioned scarcity mindset made me feel like I had to control my life and as a result, just left me drained, swimming against the current. These last 8 weeks along my North Node line were a lesson in adaptability – in leaping out of my comfort zone, risking security, and trusting that the Universe had my back. As someone who felt, for a long time, that I had to go it alone in life, the Universe really showed up and proved me wrong.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and there were countless times where I felt alone, uncomfortable, and doubted myself. However, nature taught me that nothing is permanent: the highs or the lows of the ocean tide, the wind or the calm, the sun or the rain. That was one of my biggest North Node lessons – finding comfort in the discomfort and going with the flow.

So what is the North Node and why did I go to England and Spain?

Since I was a teenager, I was obsessed with England and Andalucía in Spain, always imagining myself living or visiting there. But after University, I got stuck in the rat race and silenced the inner child that longed for these places. I believe ignoring my soul's desires and the needs of my inner child directly resulted in my anxiety. I kept trying to conform myself into what society wanted me to be, not what I truly wanted deep down. I'm still working on deconditioning that… after all, who isn’t?

Since my dark night of the soul a few years ago, I started reparenting my wounded inner child, meeting my own emotional needs, and connecting to my soul purpose through my natal Moon sign and Lunar Nodes in astrology. Through this journey, I came across astro-geography (or astro-cartography), which is the astrology of a place. It's specific to an individual based on their natal birth chart, and tells them what kind of energy they will experience in a certain place on the planet (shown by planetary energy lines).

Ironically, my North Node line (the Lunar Node representing where your soul is headed in this life), runs right through Andalucía and Cornwall in the UK. I took it as a clear sign that I could no longer ignore.

It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done – taking an unpaid leave, spending savings, being away from my partner, family and friends. However, I met amazing and inspiring people who showed me that nothing worth doing is seamless and easy. Things can feel scary and right at the same time – that’s growth. Once we take that first scary step, we prove to the Universe that we believe we’re deserving of our desires, and things start to fall into place.

This journey confirmed a long-held belief – that there’s no such thing as coincidence, only synchronicity. Following my North Node allowed me to realize several lifelong dreams: visiting Granada and the Alhambra, being in England around Christmas, and receiving my 200hr yoga teacher certification.

During the training, I learned I had some imbalances in my throat, heart and sacral chakras. And through this journey, I worked on healing those exact energies:

  • Sacral – connecting with my intuition, creating my own reality and learning to trust myself.

  • Heart – learning to love myself, meeting new people with an open heart, and learning to give and receive love.

  • Throat – learning to speak my truth, set boundaries, and be authentic.

Of course, the Universe knew I couldn’t do it all alone, so it sent me a few very special people who ended up being energy healers and friends that taught me ways to work with these centers and bring this energy into balance. It also sent me many people who possessed the energy of my North Node to show me where I was headed.

Through this, I met inspiring people who taught me how to live an alternative, more conscious lifestyle with less, how to heal with energy and nature, and how to live with an open heart and mind. I learned about the healing properties of plants and ritual baths, as well as found several magical spaces for future yoga and spirituality retreats that I would like to host.

All this is to say: if there’s something scary that you’re afraid to move towards, take this as a sign that the Universe has your back. You’ll be amazed at what happens once you take that first step.

And if you're interested about finding out where your North Node line is, take a look here. It's the little symbol that looks like a pair of headphones. The lines labeled with different angles (AC, DC, IC, MC) are related to how you experience the energy of the North Node.

  • AC - here you may encounter beginnings and new opportunities related to your soul's karmic destiny

  • DC - there may be karmic relationships that come up in these places

  • IC - a deep connection to your intuition and healing of childhood traumas and subconscious patterns (*this is where I went)

  • MC - karmic opportunities for your career

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