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Visuddha means ‘especially pure’ and this chakra is responsible for purifying the air we breathe, the food we consume, but also our thoughts and ideas into words, connecting the head to the heart and keeping our throats healthy.  When functioning properly, the throat (visuddha) chakra allows us to self-express authentically and share our gifts with the world. 


Mercury, just like the roman messenger of the gods, is the planet responsible for communication, thought and ideas.  As the ruler of the throat chakra, several herbs in this tea blend are under the rulership of Mercury to call in his energy.


The herbs in this earthy yet sweet herbal tea blend physically and energetically help to balance the throat chakra and the body parts associated with it.


Throat (Visuddha) Chakra Tea

Nema na zalihi
  • Steep 1-1.5 tsp in almost boiling water for approximately 10 min

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