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A collection of hand-crafted ritual tools and exclusive access to digital embodiment practices to nurture your natal Aries Moon through cultivating yin energy ($140 value).


In astrology, your natal Moon sign represents your authentic self + emotional needs. By cultivating feminine (yin) energy through connection to your Lunar Self, you can learn to listen to your intuition, understand how to nurture + give yourself permission to ebb + flow with the moon’s phases, as well as co-create with the Universe. As a result, you'll obtain more peace, flow, energy + trust in yourself + the Universe’s divine timing.


The Lunar Aries Self Care Box contains a mini Moon sign reading, access to digital embodiment practices (breathwork & meditation), hand-crafted self-care tools + menu to help you cultivate more yin energy through connecting to your Lunar Self with plants, planets + ritual.   Included also is a freebie altar guide to create and curate your sacred space.


About Lunar Aries:  Ruled by Mars, you likely aren’t afraid to live your emotional life out loud. You’re an action-oriented innovator and shaker with a racing mind. When unbalanced, you can struggle with feelings of anger, defensiveness, and impatience and have trouble cooperating with others.  The ritual tools and practices in this box will help you keep your creative spark burning and open your heart to cooperation with others, inviting in abundance and success.


Lunar Aries Self Care Box

Nema na zalihi
  • Physical:

    Aries Lunar Tea (1)

    Sip or soak in this organic herbal tea to ground, bring back your light + cool off when you become unbalanced.

    Aries Cleansing Wand (1)

    Made from mostly foraged and locally grown herbs, including eucalyptus, garden sage, rose, and yarrow, and adorned with a rhodonite crystal, this wand helps cleanse, develop your natural talents and work cooperatively with others. 


    Aries Beeswax Ritual Candles (Set of 2)

    Hand-poured Canadian beeswax, rolled in herbs that support your Aries Moon.  Use them to tap into your fiery + innovative strengths, or find more calm + grounding to gather energy for your next passion project.

    Ceramic Altar Moon Dish (1)

    Hancrafted for your altar offerings, ritual potions, jewlery or whatever your heart desires.

    Organic Cotton Reusable Tea Bag (1)

    Reusable, drawstring tea bags, handmade in Kitchener, ON with organic, unbleached muslin cotton by @rhymeswithorang3. They are a sustainable, healthy alternative to bleached, single-use bags.

    Dead Sea Salt (50g)

    Salt is a powerful purification tool, a representation of the element earth for calling in the elements, as well as a powerful detoxifier for use in the bath.

    Digital practices (Access provided inside box):

    Lunar Aries Meditation

    A balancing, grounding, yet inspiring visualization meditation to help you nurture your moon.

    Lunar Aries Breathwork Exercise

    An activating breathwork exercise to fire up your Aries gusto and keep your flame burning bright.

    Lunar Aries Self-Care Menu

    A digital mini reading + self-care menu.  Provides a detailed overview of the light and shadow aspects of your Aries Moon Sign energy, as well as over 15 ways to practice self care - from 60 seconds to 1 hr at a time - to cultivate yin energy + find balance.  It's the first step on your path to reconnecting with your authentic self and becoming a co-creator of your life.





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