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The Gemini Cleansing Wand is carefully handcrafted specifically to energetically support natal Gemini Moons by balancing the low and high vibration of the Moon's energy in this sign. It can also be used as a ritual tool to balance the energy of the Moon during the its transit through Gemini every month. It's made from foraged and locally grown herbs, including garden sage, lavender, yarrow, and statice, and comes adorned with a labradorite crystal. As a messenger between the physical and spiritual plane, labradorite helps you tap into other levels of consciousness. As a quick-witted conversationalist, you likely have a need for intellectual exchange and like to keep busy. Fueled by fast-moving air energy, you can be restless and express your emotions best through movement. When unbalanced, you might struggle to slow down and truly feel your emotions, intellectualizing them instead. This cleansing wand will help centre and soothe your mind without dimming your spirit.

NOTE: slight seasonal variation in colours and flowers does exist

Gemini Cleansing Wand

  • Remove crystal, light bundle and use the smoke to cleanse your energy and space.

  • Labradorite crystal and foraged and locally grown herbs: garden sage, lavender, yarrow, and statice

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