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A year worth of astroherbalism-based teas to align you to the lunar cycle, with all 12 of our Lunar Teas in one convenient set.



- 12 mini (approx 15 servings/bag) teas, one for each sign of the zodiac

- moon calendar for 2024 for every new & full moon

- lunar tea ritual meditation

- info on the energy of each sign, energy associated with each phase of the moon & suggested practices

- VIP discount for the Lunar Alchemy Collective (first month of any membership Tier is on us!)


How does it work?


1) Take a look at the moon calendar, and see what sign the new or full moon occurs.

2) Assess whether it’s a time to release then dream, plant seeds, manifest (new moon) or time to celebrate achievements & harvest fruits of labour (full moon)

3) Take a look at the energy of that sign & pick a practice for the day

4) the tea in the corresponding sign & practice the free tea ritual meditation to draw down the moon’s energy, find soothing, and connect to your intuition.


Why should you care about the lunar cycle?


Just like the ocean tides, we are highly impacted by the Moon’s cycles. Throughout each month, the Moon’s light depends on its position relative to the Sun + the Earth, and each of its 8 phases broadcast different energy levels, affecting our moods + creative (manifestation) energy. These different energy levels affect our daily life, and make us feel differently about certain things in our lives. As the Moon moves through the zodiac signs (changing signs every 2.5 days), we may feel its effects in the area of our chart where that sign is prominent.

Energetically, the Moon represents divine feminine (yin)/creative energy, so it is related to our ability to manifest + co-create with the Universe. By working with the Moon’s phases, we work with creation energy to create shifts on the physical plane.


Our patriarchal society has taught us to live in the masculine (yang energy) - always achieving, striving, accomplishing and doing - and going against the natural ebb and flow of our energy levels as people who menstruate, which fluctuate in sync with the lunar cycle. As a result, many of us have been taught to think with our heads, not our hearts, and to ignore our intuition.


By working with the Moon and her intuitive wisdom & yin energy, we learn to find flow, connect, nurture and regain trust in ourselves & our intuitive wisdom.


$150 value

2024 Moon Ritual Tea Set

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