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2024's energy is full of major portals of personal & collective change. It is the initiation into a new era. It will require courage and strength to break away from the past, but liberation is a promise if you dare to walk the unpaved path.


Intuitive guidance will be given based on what transits are going to impact you most, such as:

Eclipses in Aries/Libra, Pisces/Virgo

Pluto in Aquarius

Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction

Uranus sextile Neptune & Pluto

Jupiter in Gemini


NOTE: You will need to email your time, date, location of birth to upon purchase.  Until I have this, I cannot do your reading.

This option for the mini reading will be pre-recorded as a ~20 min audio and sent to you within a week of purchase to the email used at checkout.  Please make sure to check your junk mail.

2024 Mini Reading (Pre-recorded)

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