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Hand-poured Canadian beeswax, rolled in herbs that support your Aries Moon. Take a few breaths to centre + set an intention when lighting them. Whether that's to tap into your fiery + innovative strengths, or find more calm + grounding to gather energy for your next passion project.


Alternatively, use this ritual candle to set intentions related to initiation, innovation, courage, or action as the moon enters fiesty Aries. 


About Lunar Aries:  Ruled by Mars, you likely aren’t afraid to live your emotional life out loud. You’re an action-oriented innovator and shaker with a racing mind. When unbalanced, you can struggle with feelings of anger, defensiveness, and impatience and have trouble cooperating with others.  The organic herbs in this candle will help you open your heart to cooperation with others, and invite in abundance and success.


Aries Beeswax Ritual Candles

Preorders will ship within week of order
  • 100% Canadian beeswax, organic herbs and unbleached cotton wick. 

    Oatstraw  - intentions related to abundance + prosperity

    Ginger - an energetic amplifier to boost intentions + add luck

    Rose petals  - to open the heart to all types of love + cooperation

    Roasted dandelion root - for intentions related to resistance or grounding

    Nettle leaf - for protection + purification

  • Each candle is 6” long, 3/4” in diameter and burns for approximately 8 hours, suitable for any standard candleholder. 

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