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The Taurus Floral Moon is a carefully handcrafted and everlasting energetic art piece. Perfect for your sacred space or altar, the moon is made with locally grown and foraged flowers and herbs specifically selected to energetically support natal Taurus Moons. It does this by the esoteric and spiritual properties of the plants and crystal (clear quartz) contained in it.


It's made from foraged and locally grown herbs, including eucalyptus, rose, mugwort, and moss, and comes adorned with a clear quartz crystal to help you connect to your intuition and emotions.


You probably love luxury, comfort, and experience and express emotion on a physical plane. You are abundantly patient and grounded and place your self-worth in hard work. When unbalanced, you may find it difficult to cope with change and voice your emotions.


This moon will provide comfort and stability while helping you go with the flow and express your emotions.

NOTE: slight seasonal variation in colours and flowers does exist

Taurus Floral Moon

Will ship before Dec 21 Canada Post cutoff for Christmas delivery, as long as order placed by Dec 18.
  • Place in your sacred space and enjoy.  Perform our Lunar Ritual to connect with the plant + crystal energy of your floral moon.

    Keep out of humidity + direct sunlight.  Blow dry on cool setting if dust collects.

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