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This serum is handcrafted with high quality Croatian immortelle flower.  A solar, bright flower with powerful medicinal & spiritual properties, immortelle has long symbolized eternal love and immortality.  


Physical Properties: Used topically, immortelle has powerful anti-aging, wound healing and anti-oxidant properties, just to name a few.  It is a powerful skin ally, particularly for dry, irritated skin and conditions like psoriasis.


Psycho-Spiritual Properties: As a bright solar plant and master healer, Immortelle is a potent catalyst to move through blockages and obstacles, effectively resolving traumatic emotional memory that may be interfering with living bolding from one's authentic core. She opens the doors of perception, allowing us to see ourselves and our lives in a new, fresh way, greatly enhancing creative flow. It can be used to strengthen the will, motivate and inspire.


Mythology: Since Greek mythology, the immortelle flower or Helichrysum (golden sun in Greek) created its own story based of its magical powers of immortality and incredible virtues.  Reputed for her beauty, Princess Nausicaa, daughter of the Phaeacians, reputed for her beauty, took care of her skin daily with immortelle flowers. 

Immortelle Skin Serum

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  • Sweet almond oil* and apricot kernel oil* infused with immortelle flower from Croatia (Helichrysum italicum)*, vitamin E

  • 30mL

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